Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tennessee is lovely this time of year, so they tell me. So what should I wear when I visit? A white hood perhaps?

Oh yes, Bells, Tennessee is now infamous. Finally a reason to spruce up tourism. And yes the press has gone wild over the neo-nazi white Supremist plot to kill Obama and supporters. Just what we need in the last throws of a 18 month long presidential campaign.

Trouble is, there are so many people across this nation that harbor these hateful thoughts privately and some not so privately. What the electorate in all these battle ground states will reveal themselves on November 4th because the curtain will provide privacy in its most sacred civic action we can perform. Our private vote.

So some 18 and 20 year old skin-heads with half their teeth missing decide to shoot Barack Obama at some rally. Didn’t either of their moms notice the guns in his room and “bulls eye” Obama posters on the wall? [kidding]

The fact that neighbors never thought of these young men as a hateful beings, shows that we don’t always know who is harboring thoughts of harm toward others. We see it occasionally even in our blue, more enlightened state of New York, but never suspect in our own neighborhood.

The two campaigns haven’t really addressed this “assassination plot” in any great detail because it is a distraction from their message in the last week, but we, as caring citizens should be cautious, even as we reach out to help one another.

And inspect your children’s candy at home before feasting on the evening’s collection.


Anonymous said...

By running this story you serve to improve their cause.

Anonymous said...

Latest on this is the father of one of the boys swears this is all big talk that has gotten out of control.

Remember the fella about 3 months ago who said he's shoot Obama if he became president...well he ended up sitting in a cell too.

You cant say such things and not expect secret service not to knock on your door.

Anonymous said...

Just think how you and your children would feel if you were black - bad decision Mike.

Mike Madsen said...

hello 5:48.....not sure if you mean "bad decision" to run this story, or "bad decision" to make public threats against public officials.

And how would this affect anyone differently? You just have to be a thinking person to identify with any perceived threat to ones well being.