Friday, October 03, 2008


Orange County Legislature says NO to Larkin’s PistolCAM. That’s right, it’s dead. This little game he and Rep. Chairman DeProspo tried to play on the Orange county taxpayers didn’t bode well for the Legislature.

Good Ol Bill allocated a $20K grant to purchase mini-cameras for the SWAT team to use in training, but the whole notion that a specific company brand from a business buddy of DeProspo just smelled of bad politics. The money has since been funneled to other police counter-terrorism projects.

According to Chris McKenna’s story in the Record, the sheriff's unit wanted rifle models and only for training purposes, not the small pistol version that ended up in committee. The company, that manufactures these cameras has close ties to DeProspo and past Republican candidates in Orange County.

Delarose commented by saying "The county legislature showed courage in not getting involved with a situation that was obviously an attempt at political payback by Larkin and DeProspo. It’s sad that it got this far, but had McKenna not pursued this issue like he has, this bill have been passed like Business as Usual.”

Quoted in the Record: Public Safety Chairman Stephen Brescia, said “Complaints about DeProspo's involvement and his company's use of Orange County in its marketing had made the camera proposal untenable. The appearance didn't look good, and we were all concerned about that, but it looks like we're not going to lose the grant, so everybody's happy."

Well not DeProspo and PistolCAM.


Anonymous said...

The Good Ol Boys of Orange County didnt get there way. Thing arent looking good for the GOBs in any upstate County.
I am always amazed at what people who are entrenched in the old school world of politics think they can get away with.
Dont they know that the influx of fresh voters will eventually kick them out?
Larkin, Kirwin and even Jacobsen's days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

The good ol boys of Kingston are having trouble with there budget. You can't let department heads take $14,000.00 without accountability, firefighters making $100,000. This is not New York City.