Thursday, October 09, 2008


What a good year to be Dutch. It seems this is the year we really see what a friendly sovereign country from old Europe can do with a party. What party? The Quadricentennial celebration that will happen throughout 2009 from Manhattan to the far navigable reaches of the Champlain.

It is confirmed that Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands will visit New York during the many events commemorating the 400 years since the 1609 voyage by Henry Hudson. Now Hudson may have been an Englishman, but he was working for Holland when he made his famous journey.

Queen Beatrix, the prince's mother, visited the Hudson Valley's Newburgh area for events marking the 350th anniversary. It is customary that a member of the royal family is urged not to visit the same foreign region twice. Thus Prince Willem is the perfect choice.

The Dutch government has committed to spend $8 million on New York's quad events. This comes at a time when most of us are looking for any excuse to smile during adverse times. One way all of us can take part in the preparation for next spring is to join Evy Larios, Me and many others Saturday, Oct 18th, at City Hall as we distribute thousands of tulip bulbs and set out to plant them in designated patches throughout the city.

If you would like to know more about next years events or to join us Saturday, Call the Clerks Office at 845 334-3916, Kathy, Arlene and Mimi [Our blue ribbon staff] will be glad to help.


Anonymous said...

The Queen visited Newburg, huh? Well that's true...but she also visited Hurley at that time. You've heard of Hurley, haven't you, Mike? She was the Crown Princess at the time, just starting college to study law. I was there; an 8 year-old boy, somewhat disappointed that she wasn't wearing a jewel-encrusted crown (she wore a hat). She was very pleasant and charming.

Anonymous said...

I see the notation regarding tulip planting. Everyone will gather at City Hall around 8:30am Saturday morning on the 18th.

Mike, you didnt have the time posted, so here you go. Wear the right clothes for planting!

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Life is a bit precarious of late, but if I can make it there to help out I will! Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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