Monday, October 13, 2008



Joe Bubel said...

Stunning! That video was cool, not that a Life ending Event is cool, but the music was perfect. Sent chills, you know?

Amazing thing is, they said it has happend 7 times before, and life always seems to return. There would be another species after us.

Anonymous said...

That video and the puppy story are very depressing.

How about something happy?

Anonymous said...

How did you come upon that video.
I had to watch three times today. And the Pink Floyd music fit perfectly. I guess you needed a break from filing a report today. This was nice.

Anonymous said...

This video makes the things we take very seriously seem really trivial. What color is our skin? what language do we speak? what wine do we drink? how many miles per gallon do we get? is global warming a result of human activity? which God do we worship? will John McCain bomb-bomb-bomb Iran? does Barak Obama "pal around with terrorists? will my 501-k recover enough value so that I can retire one day? etc. These are not trivial matters, of course, but
this video reminds us that some unexpected things have a real impact on our lives.

Anonymous said...

If a comet hit the earth you wouldn't see this. According to American Heritage Dictionary, a comet consists chiefly of water, ammonia, methane, and carbon dioxide. The only solid there is water(ice) which would not survive earth's atmosphere as such.
An asteroid however, which consists of rock, certainly could.