Thursday, October 16, 2008


Ok, so Wednesday night’s debate proved to be quite a show. I have to say the volley of hard hitting jabs between McCain and Obama were worth my cable bill this month.

I have to say, from my partisan perspective, I half expected John to lose his temper at some frustrating points during the 90 minute exchange. That would have made for better television as well.

I had the pleasure of watching the event in a like minded crowd of 90 who attended the Debate Party sponsored by fellow Alderman Hoffay, future State Senator Larry Delarose and myself.

Back Stage Productions was the place to be. The space is very accommodating for a list of uses. I must plug BSP for their hospitality and ability to throw a good party on a short notice. I would also be short sighted if I didnt say thanks to Beth and Stephen for the HudsonValley4Obama backing for this event.

You can imagine the funny comments shouted from the crowd everytime McCain said something odd, but the repetitive use of “Joe the Plumber” as his new mascot talking point got the crowd in a fit of laughter. Like; “Where is he going with this?”

Oh, and then the “Palin as VP” question. Did you have your seat belt on for that one?

A friend came up to me today and asked; “Mike, of the 360 million people in this country, how did we end up with these two?” I said, first…you’ve got to want to do something to make change rather than just complain about it. Then you have to have the nerve to run for a local office and open your life to the electorate. Then you have to be willing to listen, learn from those who know more than you, and sometimes make unpopular decisions for the good of the community and have the drive to aspire to higher office. It’s not easy.

To see both McCain and Obama as our choices for president not only galvanizes our polarized views in this country but also shows us that not all of us are up to the challenge both personally and financially to be full of ourselves enough to think we are worthy of such a title.

So, to wrap this up and from my partisan perspective, I have to say Barack Obama is by far the better choice and considerably less dangerous than the alternative.

There…I said it.
Isn’t this where I say “Vote Row A – All the way!”


Mike Madsen said...

its funny, within minutes of posting thisone, I got this attack on Kingston Dept heads:

"It has been revealed that Joe and his boss are not licensed and the city they live in requires licenses. It would seem that Obama has outed them.

In Kingston, the famed "Building Safety" division, headed by Chief Rick Salzmann" would have them shut down by now."

Tell me...dont the comments on our blogs provide most of the reason for checking in?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for posting my comment through your own posting. But you missed the mark - I was not attacking the "Building Safety" Division and Rick Salzmann.

Rather, like over in Dutchess County, I am advocating that professionals like Plumbers and Electricians should be licensed.

It would seem that the City of Toledo not to mention many other cities in the hudson valley agree with me.

Anonymous said...

What about blaber driving auerbach truck, getting in an accident, and then found to be driving with a suspended license. I guess Sennet will be doing more pro bono work.

Anonymous said...

Looking at a 15% tax increase this year I don't envy you. The Mayor said you can't touch the fire department or police department. So the only other place to cut is DPW and Rec Dept.

The Mayor has put you in a very tough spot. You must now cut services, 2 summer parks programs, we'll let our kids hang out all summer on the corner. Cut a Rec Leader and the programs he runs, more kids on the streets.

DPW and rec are bare bones now. What happens if the predictions are right and we have the worst winter in forty years. Do the fire trucks have plows? Do any firemen have a CDL to help out?

You must start challenging the clauses in thier contract not regarding lay offs, but attrition.
When you spend over $180,000.00 over seing the building department
($330,000.00) and you can't do anything about it something is wrong.

What will you cut next year? Another rec leader, enviormantal educator,street foremen. What services can we cut to put more of our children on the streets. No yard waste pick up, no wood pick up. How about Citi Bus. Lets pick on the poor too.

The Mayor won't challenge the firemens contract, but maybe a republican lead council in 2010 will.

Anonymous said...

you go, 6:15 a.m. - but something else you forgot: included in the budget is making Alderman-at-Large Jim Noble's nephew full time when he's currently part time. If anyone needs to be cut, it's the Noble educators. I have a question Mike: when schools outside the city (i.e., Graves, Chambers, Zena, Myer, Anna Devine) go to the Forsyth Park educational center, does the city get reimbursed for this? Why are my tax dollars paying for students outside the city? The Nobles had the audacity to write to the PTAs asking for everyone to contact their city officials begging them to keep their jobs - totally unprofessional and inappropriate. So, Julie got full-time and Steve got part-time. Now the mayor wants to make Steve full time while cutting much more important jobs. Does the mayor and council understand that when jobs such as DPW are cut, you compromise and jeopardize the safety of the employees and citizens?
While cutting the educators' positions affects quality-of-life, after hammering us with the re-val and tax shift, our priorities should be on safety. And before anyone starts on saving the fire department for safety, how many structure fires do we have in a year? They're mostly EMT calls - the fire department could see the writing on the wall as building codes and fire-resistant materials are mandated, so the KFD absorbed the building department and put themselves as first responders for medical emergencies to save their asses...along with a no-layoff clause. The bleeding has to stop. Sorry to tell the Dems, but elections can be won without the fire department...and the city can run without the Nobles.

Anonymous said...

Why is it every time I go to Bolckbuster in the kingston plaza I see a fire truck pull up, one man in a white shirt and one in a blue get out of thier $150,000.00 fire truck to return videos and pick up a new release. With taxes going through the roof isn't there something else they could do at night other than watch TV and sleep.

Anonymous said...

Just because contracts are in place doesn't mean you can't re-negotiate them. Remember how fast the firemen's union came back to the table when there retirees lost their health insurance. The firemen renegotiated then and agreed to pay for their health insurance. They must again open up negotiations and give in to attrition like every one else.

There is no need to spend $180,000.00 to oversee a department of 6 people.

Anonymous said...

You're Right

Heard the Mayor on WGHQ Friday. If th;at's right about the firemens contract it wili eventually bankrupt the City.
Good luck Mike

Anonymous said...

8:30 AM
Why isn't the school district paying for the nobles to go into there schools. Most are out of the City. I agree that the environmental educator is a needed position, but do we need two? The position the mayor is cutting out in the engineers office is a part time enviromental educator.
That positon was created under a grant and was supposed to instruct the neighborhood groups haw to and the importance of recycleing. That will save the tax payers money on tipping fees. Why cut that?

Anonymous said...

Why does it cost $300.00 for the plumbing inspectors clothing allowance, we have one plumbing inspector, and $2400.00 to clothe the other three building inspectors. Is chief Salzman hiding money.

Why do some firemen budgeted for family health ins. but only single dental and optical?