Saturday, October 04, 2008


Here is an excursion you shouldn’t have missed. I joined Friends of Rondout for a short trip on the Hudson on a WWII PT boat. It’s one of the FleetObsolete that are available at the docks behind the SteelHouse.

Joined by a number of active citizens, the cruise was intended to give us a close up view of the Hudson Landing and Sailors Cove housing development sites from the river’s perspective.

Any view of the shoreline from any boat on our majestic Hudson River is always a spectacle. Having the housing proposal and the groups history as a narrative during the trip brought the whole event together.

The PT boats earned their place in history due to their terrific speed and maneuverability, used primarily to antagonize the enemy ships in supply channels; they ended up being the last surviving fleet available during Pearl Harbor. As time passes, fewer people recognize their importance in the darkest days of the war.

The choice of PT728 was no accident. Use of our waterfront is the foremost concern for any of us who are paying attention to Kingston’s growth. Tourism on and off the water plays a part and the waterways are key to the revitalization of the Rondout; the PT Boats included.

While on the river, we got to review the importance of community involvement and the successes of Friends of Rondout, and the new site
The ability for the public to contact and interact with their elected and appointed leaders is vital. The trip on the river was a nice outing for those of us who volunteer in the trenches every day because it reminds us that we are more than just opinions at meetings.


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Anonymous said...

The addition of the PT boats in the Rondout channel really bring out the kid in me. I had always been fascinated with military vehicles from my fathers war.

Even though dad is no longer with us, I still have an attachment to these naval vessels. Thanks for the pic.

Anonymous said...

Althought the PT boats were fast, they used a huge amount of fuel. With todays gas & diesel prices, It must cost plenty to make these quick river tours.

Anonymous said...

Rebecca and Ann do so much for the citizens of Kingston. Its nice that you showcase them and the community efforts they advocate.
Im sure the ride was enjoyable too.

Rebecca Martin said...

Thank you Mike for coming - and for also reporting on the event on your blog. We hope to create more fun community events like this to discuss all that's current in the future.