Saturday, October 25, 2008


The American Association of University Women had a candidates Forum this past Friday evening in Saugerties.

The district covered by this chapter covers Greene, Ulster, Dutchess, Putnam and Orange Counties.

Of the long list of candidates for state offices, the seven who showed up were:

Kevin Cahill – Assembly (D)
Anne Rubin – Assembly (D)
Larry Delarose – Senate (D)
Peter Lopez – Senate (R)
Don Barber – Senate (D)
Jonathan Smith – Assembly (D)
Tim Gordon – Assembly (D)

AAUW offered this forum as they have every year, to provide the public and media an opportunity to define the candidate’s opinions on women’s issues.

Equal Pay, Health Care, School Taxes and Education, the list went on.
After three hours of grilling the candidates on all these issues, I have to say, we have a level headed & progressive selection of choices throughout the Hudson Valley region.

Although Saugerties is a bit north for some, since the AAUW district includes Orange and Putnam, but word from Greg Ball, Tom Kirwin and Bill Larkin that they weren’t coming would have been nice.

Portions of the forum will be broadcast on Channel 23 in the Kingston Area TWC district this Friday, compliments of Colin Evans of the KAPA Commission.

Larry Delarose will be my guest this Tuesday, October 28th at 9pm.


Anonymous said...

Assemblyman Marc Molinaro's Office did offer his apologies that he could not attend, as he was hosting a public event in Tivoli. He offered to send a representative but was advised that one would not be necessary or appropriate.

Mike Madsen said...

12:21...Thanks Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, how is it that you were the only blogger or local politician to show to any of these events?
I know you support Delarose, but shouldnt there be atleast a showing of other local officials in support of anyone throughout the county?
Are they all that fractured and selfcentered that this is below them?

Anonymous said...

Have Hein, Auerbach, or Cahill ever shown up at a fellow candidate event just to show support, or do they always have to be the focus of the event in order to show?

Anonymous said...

I have seen each of them at events for other candidates. Like any politician, they want to be noticed, that is what they do. Ask any candidate if they are comfortable with the support they get from one another and to a man or woman, the answer will be no. It is never enough and it is always self serving. That's poli-biz baby!