Thursday, October 02, 2008


Senator Chuck Schumer has just announced that Kingston, Greenwood Lake, the Village of Goshen and the Towns of Chester and Newburgh will receive a combined $100,435 worth of equipment and training.

This will serve as a positive in our area since all too often, firefighters and police officers are the first to show up at a bad scene; Sometimes in remote areas of the Hudson Valley.

These local departments will receive federal funding for emergency response equipment and training during the 2009 FY and all new recruits will be trained from the onset.

Contacted by phone, Senatorial candidate Larry Delarose said: "Even when the nation requires a steady course correction in the realm of finance, job loss and national security, Sen. Schumer never shrinks from his duties to secure the continued training for our safety personnel"

The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Commercial Equipment Direct Assistance is the full name of the program that provided the grant. The grant buys a full set of extrication equipment as well as several haz mat meters and computers that analyze unknown substances. Items we would never be able to affod through the regular budget process. I think it’s only right that we offer our thanks to Sen. Schumer and his staff in Washington for the added funding in the 39th State Senatorial District.


Anonymous said...

Good for the police department, they put thier life on the line every minute of the day. The over priced fire department only work for the politians who padded thier contract to the tune of $100,000.00 per man.

Mike Madsen said...

Someone asked: "Will the training reduce the number of City Police and Fire personnel drawing full pay while disabled?

Answer: If the training helps to reduce risk while on the job, that will lower the accident rate. For those already drawing pay, the union contracts and review board dictate who gets paid what and for how long after a disability.

Anonymous said...

Still, its great the Schumer got the grant we needed to upgrade our safety equip and provide the needed training.

Like Larry said, through all the bailout meetings in DC, Chuck still delivers when it counts.

Anonymous said...

MM Maybe you should get a copy of the firemens contract and tell us what supplimental pay and kelly days. They cost tax payers over a quarter million dollars this year. It would be nice to know what they are.