Monday, October 20, 2008


To the surprise of both the Obama and McCain campaigns, Colin Powell appeared on Meet the Press and offered his support for Barack Obama. Did anyone else see that coming? I thought he would just stay out of the fray of this one and wait for the winner, fully expecting Obama to pull it off.

But the wait is over and the resounding endorsement is out there, having a serious effect on the few undecided that must have been hiding in a cave. Who doesn’t know who they are voting for at this tail end of an 18 month election cycle?

Persons close to Powell say he’s been paying attention all along and waiting for the right time to make a serious impact on the race. Well this would be the right time. It’s been two days and the buzz is still out there. Of course here in New York, none of this matters, so the question is, how will it affect the battleground military states?

It has taken a long time for some of us to get past the misleading role he played in the case for going to war where we didn’t need to, especially after years of proof otherwise and the tremendous cost in blood and treasure for America.

But getting past that, Powell has always had the respect of the military commanders and those who accepted the fact that he acted for the Bush Administration at gun point while in office. I have certainly gotten over it.

Powell made it clear that that he doesn’t think McCain/Palin is the team prepared to lead this country. He used the term “transformational” to describe Obama and pressed the need to show a fresh face to the rest of the world.

Like so many other centrist Republicans, they see McCain becoming less that what they first “signed on” for as the campaign season comes to a close. To send this idea home in a more local example, we have Republicans working the phone banks and stuffing envelopes in Democratic HQ here in Kingston.

I guess Colin and like minded centrists have seen what McCain and his friends at Fox News and Newsmax have been doing and decided its just not Kosher. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Its true that what we do here in New York doesnt really matter much in the way of voting, thats already decided, but its what you can do to affect the vote in other states.

Sign up for one of the weekend bus trips to Pennsylvania as hundreds of New Yorkers work the streets in all of their rural towns, door to door.

Powells endorsement helps, but we need soldiers on the ground in PA.

Now, if only we could get Palin some more air time, she's helping us at this point.

Anonymous said...

Colin Powell's endorsement can be seen on:

You can also Google: Colin Powell on Meet The Press

This is the clearest expression I have seen through this whole campaign as to why Obama and not McCain should and will be our next president. It is also an indictment of the Republican Party.

Anonymous said...

I think the Democrats of Ulster County going to PA is a fabulous idea. Can you let me know how to get more information about a bus trip?

We can really make an impact there.

Anonymous said...

Write the story about the budget, and how you feel about a 25 year employee getting the ax so Nobles nephew can have a job.

Don't be afraid to take a stand on an issue that concerns Kingston.

Anonymous said...

powell endorses obama. big deal.powell said he likes mccain and that he is agood friend. he then endorsed obama. one black man endorsed another. that is what is known as black pride pure and simple, nothing more.

Mike Madsen said...

Forwarding Bus Trip Info:



Join our team of Weekend Warriors/Day Trippers to canvass in Pennsylvania - we can assist with carpools, home stays in supporter housing, discounted hotels, and limited gas stipends. Nov 3rd & 4th are crucial!

Nan at,