Thursday, August 07, 2008


Almost every month, the Council meetings are preceded by an awards ceremony. Citizens young and old, do extraordinary things to better the community and deserve recognition.

This last Tuesday, The Common Council bestowed the honor of Pride of Kingston to city firefighter Michael J. Sass for providing medical assistance June 30th, to a heart attack victim in Woodstock.

Because of his extensive training, Mike, like all firefighters, was able to jump right in and make the most difference in the immediate onset of the attack.

The officer, Detective Chris Howland set up the defibrillator and oxygen while Sass took over the administration of CPR. What happens in the first few minutes after a heart attack or stroke determines how well you recover. In this case, Mike’s presence made the difference.

Mike was playing in the White Eagle Golf Tournament at the Woodstock Country Club that day, and had no plans to save a life in the parking lot after the game. The instinct to help and assist in such a life threatening situation is something we count on from our Firefighters and Police officers here in Kingston.

Stanley Woinski, of Pt Ewen, is recovering very well as a result of Mike Sass and Chris Howland knowing what to do at the scene.

As Mike said, “Every other firefighter would have done the same thing given the opportunity. This award goes out to all firefighters.”


Anonymous said...

The real world doesnt let you know when catastrophy strikes. For those of us who are trained in CPR and the rigorous training in emergency care, there is no day off.
Mike Sass is a great guy and deserves the plaque. He is right though, that all Firefighters would have done the same thing and that the award goes out to all of us.
Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Anonymous said...

Congralations to Mike Sass and Detective Howland for their life saving abilities and to the Common Council for recognizing these local Heroes. In today's tough times, it is of vital importance that we show our support for these men who continue to show courage and sacrifice for our city.

Another important and vital reason to return Public Access back to the air.

Alderman Mike- thanks for recognizing these men for their herosim on your blog.

Major breakthrough this morning- Hope to be able to make major announcement by our next KPA meeting on the 14th.

Shelly Z