Monday, August 11, 2008


When was the last time YOU went to a city park? Do you realize just how precious our parks are? Well, they’re about to be discovered all over again.

Our Parks and Rec. Department have applied for the Hudson River Estuary Grants Program. What is that? Its monies available for the education projects focused on connecting local citizens with our cherished river and $40 thousand isn’t just play money.

The programs in this grant provide a hands-on learning experience for up to 2500 people, both local students and their parents. With over 20 acres of our managed park system located right at the rivers edge, we have the best resource for an eco-education program to highlight both the shoreline significance and the historic role the river played in the founding of Kingston.

Our Parks & Rec. Dept started the environmental education programs back in 2002, based at the Forsyth Park on Lucas Avenue. The City Zoo and education center is located there. Limited to just camp enrollees in those early days, the programs have expanded and we now employ two full time educators who preside over a myriad of hands-on programs year round.

Let’s face it, our school children don’t always get to experience what we did when we were younger. Over saturated with TV and video games, we see the kids get more detached to nature and our intimate interaction with it. These programs, with this financial boost, will bring students and parents back to what’s important, and were better than at our Hudson River’s historic shores.

The Council and Mayor hope that there is a significant increase in people interaction at the Hudson, considering 2009, New Yorkers celebrate the Quadricentennial benchmark of Henry Hudson’s journey along the banks of the river.


Anonymous said...

Reynolds got a grant for his park - it's the economically disadvataged minorities who don't have yards to play and are in walking distance who get cheated regularly by City Hall.

Anonymous said...

Lets clean up the city and its parks first, stop throwing good money after bad!!

Mike Madsen said...

Once in a while, I get a comment that specifically mentions peoples names. This is one of them:

"Just another way to pay Nobles family with our tax dollars. Mike you know this is true."

You are referring to Steve and Julie Noble. They do an outstanding job in this educational position and if the grants come in to offset any programs that get more of our FAT kids out of the house, then thats a good thing. Sorry if I offended any FAT kids out there. FAT adults could use a little hike as well. Me included.