Sunday, August 31, 2008


Oh what a day it’s been. I had my morning meeting with NY Senatorial candidate Larry Delarose in Newburgh and thought it was going to be an easy day.What did I know.

I had a DJ session scheduled from 2-7 this afternoon at Kingston Point Park for my friend Mark. He, his family and friends had a blast and asked that I do a repeat performance in a month or so.

What I didn’t know was that I would end up at Mariners for the after party like the rest of them. After some serious persuading, I wrestled the equipment back out of my truck and did that repeat performance the same night.

Who knew I would bring down the house enough to warrant the appearance of KPD. They took one look at who was making all the racket and said what are we supposed to do with him?

I volunteered to quiet the soundtrack down with the understanding that I would shut down before 1am. Mind you, none of my punters were thrilled with the rejuvenated party being shut down, but they got over it quickly. I announced last call at 12:30 and set the schedule for the evening for about 40 or so people. Where they went after I repacked my equipment, I haven’t a clue. But thanks to Sal and crew, I’ve lined up two birthday parties and a fundraiser.

I’ll see you all at the Hooley this Sunday as I promote Larry Delarose for NY Senate at the Democrat booth from 3 to 9pm…stop in and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Let's get a report - I mean KPA had to.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see a picture of Nick Woerner he has his arm around a man. Is he coming out or something?

Anonymous said...

To the idiot at 4:41 PM - The man in the picture is Sal Guido, one of the Town of Ulster's Commissioners of Recreation. Why don't you worry about yourself and stop making stupid comments. Both the Supervisor and Commissioner Guido have female significant others so enough with the crap.