Sunday, August 10, 2008


Last Tuesday, the Common Council passed legislation that will allow the cab companies that operate within the City of Kingston to place an additional 50 cent surcharge on each fare.

The City of Kingston, like most cities, regulates the fee schedule for Towing and Cab companies that operate within out boundaries. They have to apply for the permit to operate and are subject to rigorous business and inspection standards.

We all know what impact the gasoline prices have had on our daily lives at home. Well, it affects business as well. The drivers for one of the cab companies are required to supply most of their own fuel.

The code, as it was written, offered no method of diverting fare revenue in a systematic way so that some of the monies went to the driver. So our Corp Counsel modified the code to reflect a surcharge that we would continue to moderate.

Regulation of transport service fares gives the municipality the ability to stabilize the needed transportation for some of our most needy, while keeping a close eye on the business practices of the two industries.

Kingston Kabs, one of five cab companies in Kingston, is responsible for the request and the owner, Jeff Weintraub made a good case for his and the other companies to divert these additional revenues to the drivers.


Anonymous said...

it isnt always a positive decision to regulate fees for services and then not have any protections under any law in collecting for services provided.If you hail a cab and dont pay for that fare then you can be held responsible crimminaly.Althogh if your provided services for towing thats a different story.The city regulates the fees but then leaves the collection, and disposal of the destroyed remains,which doesn't cover all of the costs to the busisness owners.So the busisness suffers,and the registered owners prevail.There should be a answer the aldermen to inact.Otherwise dont regulate fees. Its not Equitable

Mike Madsen said...

To 9:15...Thanks for the opportunity. One of our local towing companies is owned by a friend of mine. We are working through the Corp Counsel's office to get new legislation on the books to hold clients responsible for their abandoned cars.

All too often the cars arent worth the towing and storage after an incident. So, speaking for all the towing operators within the City, my friend Tim and I are walking through the many steps it takes to amend the code.

This months Laws & Rules has been cancelled, so September should offer the change you speak of. And you should thank Tim for doing much of the legwork for you and the others.