Sunday, August 10, 2008


Just To let everyone know, we are in good hands when John Tuey is on the job.

Tuey is our City Comptroller. Our financial watchdog if you will. With a natural instinct to ferret out anomalies in the accounts or the ability to chase down a good deal, John has, in his short time as our chief money-man, shown us that we can count on his abilities.

The council and the Mayor had a serious task before them when it came to replacing Penny Radel last year. John stepped up and has since made quite the impression.

John brought it to our attention that it has been over seven years since our energy accounts had been audited. We should have the accounts audited more often, to better track the expenses, but this requires an outside firm to do such a task.

John found, through the bid process, a company called Computel Consultants. Asking permission of the Council to enter into a Utility Billing Analysis agreement, we would get a better assessment of our utility expenses.

Natural Gas, Electric (including street lights) and cable accounts just to name a few.
This way we will discover overcharges to Central Hudson and in the case of Cable: underpayments.

It turns out John is a good haggler too. Computel initially wanted 50% of the “found” money as a fee. It seems John got em down to 40% for starts and a sliding scale of 35% if the amount exceeds 50K. Not bad huh?

John, you pay a great deal of attention to the needs of the Council. You have experienced last years budget as an apprentice with Penny. This is when we need your ability at its sharpest. Everyone knows what is in store for all municipalities and the Mayor and Council will be tested this year. I think the taxpayers have been well served with John Tuey as comptroller.
You’ve earned your stripes John…welcome aboard.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't John have done this himself? 100K + with benefits. More consultants? with our bloated staff.

John must be someone's relative.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- It's about time. But rather than talk about spilled milk and past ideas, it is one that I tried to champion in my brief tenure on the CC. I would strongly advocate that all avenues of bills be audited. A new and better program has to be initiated and established for all bills. I would again recommend that the communications and telephone bills be reviewed.

As a retired senior bamg official, involved with the normal day to day financial expenses, I found that there were thousands of dollars in faulty bills that were paid- I would believe that this same area for the City as well as the County be examined as quickly as possible.

Although the various utilities will probably cry wolf and foul, it is in the interest of the city and our taxpayers that these expenses be examined and reexamined until they are found to be correct. If you recall one of the bills that our committee examined proved to be a scam and saved the city many thousands of dollars.

Thanks for a very important post. One that should hopefully find some dollars that could even be utilized to help our Public Access station under its current duress.
Shelly Z

Mike Madsen said...

ONE: the task of an audit is to approach from outside.

TWO: the budget period is upon us and you dont want to distract any of us at this time.

THREE: Everyone should know, that I get the same one-line swipes at the administration from the same commenter on every post. Even for the Artie Traum and AIDS WAlk articles. You'll notice I dont publish the sad whiner. Its so tired.

Richard T. Cahill Jr. said...

John is not related to any of the politicos.

Mike, you have expressed your support of John from a Democrat point of view. Please allow me to do so from a Republican point of view.

I just wish we could drop Sottile and let John run the show. We'd be better off.

Anonymous said...

How about auditing City vehicle use?

Anonymous said...

How about auditing the attendance records - much abused - come on watchdog.

Anonymous said...

Comeon 100K a year? That is more than the County Comptroller is going to get with more responsibilities and a bigger budget to oversee!