Friday, August 29, 2008


I know all my political junkie friends were watching the Democratic Convention tonight. You all saw what I saw. A stadium full of enthusiastic democrats who long for change. A change from the politics of exclusion, elitism and policies aimed to help those of wealth and privilege.

As a long time Hillary supporter, you know I have been hesitant to jump on-board with this movement, but that's what it is…a movement from the ground up, of everyday people who have had enough of the failed policies of the last 7+ years. Yes, Hillary would have won this race had she been chosen, but to see the crowd at Keegan Ales tonight, for the Obama viewing party, I saw an energized grass roots movement willing to work for change.

Obama finally laid out a detailed plan and the means to fund it. The grandiose illusive speeches of the past were replaced by a detailed and sincere speech worthy of a Clinton. For that, I am thankful and have decided to open myself to the possibility of President Obama.

With the big screen behind me and the sound turned off, I got to tell the crowd of 100+ guests, that their enthusiasm shouldn’t stop with just the top ticket in November. I reminded everyone that we cant implement the change Obama is offering unless we vote all of Row A in November.

In the audience were Kevin Cahill, Elliott Auerbach, Tom Hoffay and Peter Laughran. We, and so many fellow Democrats, are on the front line everyday.

The philosophy of the 20th century is embedded in the Republican Party and we damn well better do something to stop the continuation of the Bush/Vader/McCain policies of the last century.

Look for me on Channel 6 news Friday evening for the party coverage Thursday night.


Anonymous said...

Nice job. I live in Kingston and also supported Hillary. I watched the convention in hopes to see what others had seen. I did just that.

I still adore Hillary and cherrish the fact that she is still our Junior Senator for New York. But Obamas speach made me rethink my misdirected apathy. Count me in.

Anonymous said...

As an Obama supporter from the beginning, I did see the possibility of an Obama Presidency early. I did expect the machine tear him down as they have done to so many others.
I almost cant believe he is the nominee. I am very proud of the Democratic Party for allowing this historic election come this far.
Thanks for joining the movement.

Anonymous said...

100+ people? That sign on the back wall says 99 maximum occupancy. Now you were not breaking the law, were you? I am ashamed that you allowed this to happen when you are a member of Kingston government.