Wednesday, August 06, 2008


So the NYState Senate Republicans are meeting this Thursday to decide what strategy has the best chance to stymie Gov Paterson’s fiscal crisis plan.
Doesnt that sounds about right?

Using a classic reference, candidate Larry Delarose called to say they’re once again circling the wagons to maintain the majority in the Senate without regard for the taxpayers. Paterson has some solid ideas, and as painful it will be to tighten our belts during FY 2009, most New Yorkers acknowledge how we got here and what it will take to get financially sound again.

Larry Delarose is running for the 39th district in the NYS Senate against Bill Larkin. Bill, like the rest of the “Gang of 32” could have offered some serious initiatives to curb spending and induce economic growth while in session, hell while in session over 18 years.

The powerful connections that once made Larkin a big source of Pork for Orange and Ulster Counties are long gone. Pataki, Bruno, and D’Amato are all history, and the desire to keep such a relic from the 12 years of Pataki fades from our jaded memories.

Larry would know most of the key players in the Republican Party, having been an Orange County insider for years. With little success in bringing the Republican machine back to the people, he bolted and joined the standard bearers of the middle class, the Democrats.

Delarose said: “This is just more of the same old stall tactics they uses time and again, to stifle the betterment of the working class while offering an ever increasing amount of support to the special interests.”

Larry went on: “This is just another chance for voters to view the arrogance and indifference of the 'gang of 32' in Albany." He finished his comments by saying: “The Republicans better enjoy this while they can. In January it’s going to be a whole new ball game and a lot of them are going to be unemployed and that includes Bill Larkin."
The 39th Senatorial district includes the City of Kingston, so the issues that matter to us should be brought to Albany by someone who would best get results with a Democratic Governor, Assembly and soon to be democratically controlled Senate.

With a clear message and the shift in Orange and Ulster demographics, Larry has a great chance at taking the 39th.
Lets just see if Paterson, Malcolm Smith, Jeff Klein and the rest of the democratic leadership is paying attention.


Anonymous said...

To pick on that old man like that. What, is he in his 80's? He loses his keys every session, leave him alone.
Take him out of the State Senate and he'll end up in a nursing home a week later.

Actually he must be lost without Bruno telling him how to vote. Skelos doesnt have that same negative energy that Joe did, so the venomous need for control isnt there.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- I fully understand your approach, but to call Bill Larkin a "relic" is an insult to America. A combat enlisted man veteran, promoted to officer and serving 20 years in the miliary and now 20+ in the Service of the State. He single handedly brought the Purple Heart Stamp into a reality and shared the spotlight with Hillary, and then established the Purple Heart Museum here in Windsor along with the millions of dollars of "pork" brought into the city and the county certainly eliminates name calling. Bill Larkin wil probably call it quits when he deems that he himself is no longer able to serve in office.

Bill was also instrumental in helping us with the Mukden Reunion here in the City of Kingston. He was responsible for having Pataki establish a NY State Proclamation for these great American Heroes. He is currently helping myself and Congressman Hinchey to obtain Purple Hearts for the former POW's of Japan who were surrendered at Bataan & Corregidor. So Alderman Mike it is certainly OK to write about your Democratic senatorial candidate, but please don't be disrespectful of Bill Larkin,
just my three cents,
take care,
Shelly Z
PS- get the KAPA back on the air!

Mike Madsen said...

Shelly, I understand the need to deflect any criticism toward Bill while he is doing the few things he knows how, But for the greater good, he has been as effective in the local economy as the local IDA.

You and I both know that his ability to bring money into Ulster County has been greatly diminished, not by his doing, but by the Republican party as a whole.

And just a reminder, didnt Hillary have to sign on to the Purple Heart campaign to get it revived a few years back? Again, not his fault, but the leadership change in the Senate is inevitable. So why wait?

Ill be a little more sensitive to Mr Larkin in the future.

Anonymous said...

Mike: great response. You are correct regarding Hillary. He needed Senate approval, and she had the intelligence to sign onto this important piece of US Postal legislation. I do believe that he has been resonsible for maintaining the stamp as it slowly increases in price each yar.
Might be some additional movement regarding the KPA tomorrow-
Shelly Z
as a comment towards the IDA- you ahve to admit that the Democrat controlled Ulster County Legislature, are the ones who set abck the IDA- We had over 500m in the treasure in Feb 2006 and were reviewing several new applications per month. Since the "prevailing wages" was added to their mission statement, zero application. No this is not the 800 pound guerilla AKA as the local economy, but he fact that our apps ceased in their tracks. If the guerilla arguement was valid, then Sandy Mathis and Green county would still be in the same boat. Unfortunately, they are able to obtain what we lack.
more to follow another day.