Thursday, August 14, 2008


Last Sunday, the City of Kingston was hit by that ferocious thunderstorm. It was the main conversation for days.

The Latino Festival down on the strand was washed out and so was the Broadway underpass, as usual. What most people don’t know is that the Kingston High School was struck by lightning.

About 1:10 pm, the neighborhood around the school heard and saw the flash and clap of lightning at the same time. Never a good thing.

Sure enough, the school had been hit. One of the neighbors called 911 immediately, and in less than 2 minutes our Fire Dept had three trucks at the scene. They had to be waiting by their trucks for this storm, as you’d expect.

The chimney for the boiler room was damaged. The strike sent chunks of cement and brick everywhere, but no-one got hurt. What raised my fear level is the chimney, right there on Andrew St, is inches from the Gas Main that supplies the school. That could have been a disaster.

But, with no reported damage on the interior, I made a dash back to my truck through the downpour hoping that lightning truly doesn’t strike the same place twice.

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