Sunday, August 24, 2008


Wow, another excellent day. What a perfect opportunity to have brunch with Kevin Cahill.

Oh, did I mention he had his brunch fundraiser this morning?
(Blaber, Brian Cahill, Rob Parete and Ed Paladino pictured left)
Yes, I just had to trek south to the town of Rosendale to experience the brunch buffet at the Bywater Bistro on Main Street.
Kevin's fundraiser was the initiative to try it out, and I strongly recommend sampling their menu. They are open 5 - 9pm weekdays.

The event was from 11am to 1pm and was well attended while I was there. Some attendees I havent seen in quite a while. It was so nice to catch up on life with a few. Included were MaryAlice Cahill. (pictured here with Alderman Tom Hoffay)

My time amongst the guests was limited though, I served as a guest on the liberal radio program on WKNY from 12:30 to 1:30. So, I sampled the treats and split early.

Here is a back patio picture stolent from their website.

Kevin's opponent was supposed to appear on another morning radio program today, but didnt show up. So I guess today was Kevin's Day...sunshine and all.


Anonymous said...

Alot of familiar faces in these pictures? You've all had alot of faith in Kevin for a long time.

With the State Senate about to change leadership, does Kevin see a brighter future for NY State or more of the same?

Anonymous said...

State Senate leadership? Change? The voters would have to want to change it from the ground up.

Cahill's district overlaps both Bonacic and Larkins Senate districts. Bonasic doesnt have an oponenet, but Larkin does.

Will Kevin help Delarose or let him dangle out there like past contenders?
Mike, you've been pushing Delarose for the 39th...will Kevin help?

Anonymous said...

where was the mayor, in Florida Wrestling Alligators

Mike Madsen said...

I really dont know Kevin's plan regarding other candidates in other races. Yes they overlap in four towns, but both districts are huge and require a focused campaign.
If Kevin is conserned about his own re-election, then he will stick to his own issues. If he is condfident in his return to the Assembly, he may lend a hand.

Dont know.

Anonymous said...

Its great to see that we provide support to our local assemblymen,councilmen,and senators.Although, it should be a two way street.When supporters of local notables are amongest their ranks,one would have to question their sincerity.we should ALL support the very place from once we came from.Otherwise the local economic engine that drives all communities suffers dramaticly.

Anonymous said...

If only he became County Executive - he would serve the people not the Good Old Boys.

Bill Berardi said...

Interesting location - the site of the only Governmental consolidation in Ulster County history - merger of the Town and Village of Rosendale.

Mr. Cahill is a leader to help us right-size government.

Alfread said...

Your blog in very enjoyable. The one question I have and I know it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. To the best of your knowledge has Rich Cahill [Who ran for Mayor] ever come face to face with 'Ester Gin'?

Anonymous said...

Cahill won't play ball with the cronies - Oliveri and Spada - so he gets shut out of local opportunities.