Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here are some pictures of the Saugerties Barn Dance Fundraiser.

The barn, owned by Mike Harkavy, is quite spectacular. The 70 to 80 guests this Saturday night contributed quite a bundle for the Saugerties Democratic party. A nice shot in the arm for the remaining political season ahead.

It was a privilage to DJ for the event and would do it again for any worthy causes that need funds in the future.

The spots on the picture of the dance floor are actually the hay dust particles that filled the air in the barn. The flash of the camera really gave the rare view of the dust particles since all the stomping on the dancefloor sure kicked up alot of it.
Im actually more concerned for my equipment than anything else.
More fun at the Soapbox Derby tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So you're DJ too. When do you have time for yourself?

The idea of a "Dance" as a fundraiser is a good one. I have seen people from all cultures mix it up at several music outings in my years of attending fundraisers.

Do you do weddings?

Anonymous said...

What a great inspiration for our youth with all these folks drinking it up.

Mike Madsen said...

Actually, there were very few youngsters at the Barn Danc. SECOND: very little drinking goin on. Everyone was hitting the Diet Coke.

But youre right about the family events, they should have less drinking going on.
Thanks for the opportunity.