Monday, August 18, 2008


OK, I know that many of you read the papers about the Police Academy student who allegedly sold cocaine to an undercover cop? What is happening here?

Delvon Wiggins. At the ripe old age of 22 is now in custody for drug sales and possession. This is a student in UCCC enrolled in the Police Academy.

Is this a cry for help? Could he really be that stupid?

Wiggins was pulled from training and arrested by his instructors and narcotics police Friday afternoon. I’m sure the arrest caused a spectacle at the campus. Think of the chatter in the classrooms this week when everyone digests this story.

Now, as a twenty-something, what do you suppose these students will think of the irony within the criminal law courses at Ulster? Think back…you know its going to be the source of this semester’s jokes.

The Daily F states: After making the transaction and learning that the suspect was enrolled in the police academy, URGENT accelerated its investigation, authorities said. Wiggins was indicted by an Ulster County grand jury Thursday, and arrested at 1:55 p.m. the following day.

Can I suggest looking further for answers? Like where are his parents? Didn’t they ask where did Jr get all his money? Did they think his weekend lawn mowing job paid for the new car?

Note: This isn’t fair to the rest of the students taking the course. The public will have the same initial reaction that I did. But it may linger. We do need to respect our new recruits as much as we depend on them.

It’s comforting to know… Wiggins was enrolled in the early phase of academy training and had not been hired by any police agency yet.
Thank goodness for small favors.


Anonymous said...

Because there are no private sector jobs available in the area - the kid probally resorted to dealing drugs to make a living.

Aren't City taxpayers still paying for the last City cop arrested for buying drugs? Is he not still on the force?

Anonymous said...

The community may not like it but our friend at 8;39AM makes a pertinent and timely insight about our beloved city and county.

There are times, after living all around this country, I can't think of another area filled with so much petty and plain corruption.

Anonymous said...

why wont you post the truth about loughran? he is not nearly competent enough to do that job and you know it. if you don't know it, you are an idiot too.

Anonymous said...

For the final results of this case.