Saturday, August 02, 2008


Saturday afternoon, I attended a fundraiser at Armadillo, in Kingston. It was an opportunity to raise funds for the EMPIRE STATE AIDS RIDE.

The journey will be by bicycle and Richard Serringer (pictured right) is our champion rider representing Kingston.
Richard has been preparing for this event by participating in dozens of local “rides” as well as following a strict regimen at the gym.

You can't be in my shape and expect to make 5 miles without a medic.

In attendance were my friends Redmond from Hudson and PJ from W Chestnut street, (pictured left)

The AIDS ride will start at Niagara Falls and end at Battery Park in NYC. This is a chance to raise much needed funds for AIDS organizations in our area.

The space was offered by Merle and hosted by Esther Gin, seen here with Supervisor Nick Woerner.

Almost a thousand dollars was raised this afternoon, which will help Richard reach his goal of $6,000.

The trek will start August 10th and end the 16th.
You can contribute in Richard’s name by going to: – click “donate” and search Richard Serringer. All monies raised before and during the ride will be registered under his name.

Thanks again to Armadillo for the space and the great food.
The margaritas…they need no additional praise.


Anonymous said...

There are new polls up at

These ones concern everything from City of Kingston Safety Issues, to the "Common Fire" proposal, to folks perspectives on some prominent politicians, to questions about ants, Gorsline, tax exemption and more...

N.S. / Phoenix

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I don't mean this in a rude or derogatory way but I didn't know Nick Woerner lead that lifestyle.

Mike Madsen said...

Tell me you're kidding.
hello 6:42 - For anyone to assume someones sexual orientation because of the fundraiser or even club he/she attends is quite stupid. You yourself should get out more.

Nick is a heterosexual. Did you really need that spelled out?

Oh, and "lifestyle" thats funny. Did you get that from an old book or something?