Wednesday, February 25, 2009


The Federal Omnibus Appropriations Bill includes $950,000 for the Walkway Over the Hudson!

an extra push from Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, this chunk of change will better prepare the historic Poughkeepsie-Highland railroad bridge into the world's longest elevated pedestrian walkways. Just in time for this years 400 year celebration.

If this funding survives the vetting process both on the floor of the Senate and House, then the fast track
to the crossing is a sure thing.

Schumer quoted in the AP: “The Walkway Bridge is poised to become one of the greatest tourist attractions in New York, and its opening will be the culminating event of the Quadricentennial Celebration, we are taking a landmark piece of the Hudson Valley’s industrial past and turning it into something that will draw visitors from every corner of the state and beyond—providing terrific opportunities for our local businesses and delivering a shot-in-the-arm to the Hudson Valley economy.”

Senator Gillibrand said: “These federal dollars will go a long way in helping local business make the Hudson Valley a destination for families and businesses. I will continue to work with Senator Schumer to ensure that New York receives its fair share.”

State Assemblyman Frank Skartados heaped praise on our two DC reps and expressed continued support for the project in any way possible. Noting that this is the opportunity for tourism economic growth to really accelerate in the midhudson region. The 100th AD includes both Poughkeepsie and Lloyd.


Anonymous said...

I know this "Walkway Over the Hudson" is several miles south of Kingston, but the sales tax revenue from whatever tourism it brings will go into the County Sales Tax collection. That's good for all of us.

Anonymous said...

i have been on this bridge, a few years ago,, it is an amazing view & walk,,

Support it in any ^& every way possible,, it is a WIN-WIN for all of us,,

Anonymous said...

I have this sneaky feeling that we wont be ready for the big Quad celebrations. Nothing in Ulster County comes together in time to make the best of these situations. Do you really think the walkway will be usable by mid-summer? NOT.

bd said...

great article in today's New Paltz Times about this great Walkway !

They are inviting the public to get involved for the Grand Opening & i for one will be delighted to take that walk.

I've walked 1/2way across once before & will do so again.

Find their website or phone # & GO ! GO ! GO !!!

forget the petty naysayers, finally, we have Gov't $$$ going to a project that is wanted, enjoyed & helps businesses on both sides of the mighty Hudson.