Sunday, February 08, 2009


Last week, the Common Council voted unanimously to join the County as a co-applicant in requesting grant funding for a program.

The program is the not-so-well-known Shared Municipal Services Incentive Grant (SMSI). The name has since changed to the Local Government Efficiency Program (LGE).

Ulster County, like many others, hosts an Information Services Department that facilitates management and information dispersal to enhance better communication between the Towns and the City of Kingston. The outcome this year, if funding continues, is the purchase of an Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVL) for all municipal and emergency vehicles within the county.

The legislation, was created by Donaldson and Company and delivered from the office of Sue Ronga. It states that if enacted, the result would be a reduction in the number of purchased vehicles, fewer salt stations, and a significant reduction in Overtime and outsourcing. Sounds good to me.

Theoretically, this should help in the budget process for 2010. There have been no indications of financial relief as we head into this already frightening year, and we expect to fight through that process just as we did this year. Working with the County on this Shared Services Program should help a little.

I will ask Sue if our Mayor's Jeep could have the device installed. Oops, did I really type that here?


Anonymous said...

You are wrong about the origins of this Mike. Sue is great, but this resolution is not from Sue's or the Executive's office at all. The Legislature under Dave Donladson's leadership, started this a long time ago. See for yourself.

Mike Madsen said...

I stand corrected and thus edited the text. The legislation at our end merely indicated where the final draft came from. Thank you 7:51

butch said...

Great,, Now, can we get the two governments in New Paltz to consolidate & save us all money & stupid elected officials.

The Village Gov't is a WASTE filled with self-serving know-nothings who do nothing too.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like a good idea, but then so did the new County Charter and a lot of voters have buyers remorse about that supposed money saving move.

Anonymous said...

Hey 11:05 we have the same issue up here in Saugerties. Village/Town duplication of services. I realise you are also injecting a slice of opinion regarding the persons in charge, but the premise is right on!

7:51 thanks for the links!

Anonymous said...

It isn't the Charter that is bad, it is the person who is sitting in the Executives chair. The cast of high priced characters that Mike Hein has surrounded himself with is abysmal at best.