Monday, February 02, 2009


So, the Democrats have picked Scott Murphy to be the Democratic candidate for the congressional seat vacated by Kirsten Gillibrand.

According to sources in Albany,his selection came after a day-long mini-convention at an Albany diner There were four contenders.
Murphy beat out Assemblyman Tim Gordon, attor
ney Carol Schrager and Saratoga Springs Public Safety Commissioner Ron Kim.

Murphy is not well known, I don't know him either. But his opponent, is.

Murphy will run against Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco, who was designated as the candidate earlier this week by the Republicans. Considering the demographic and the uniqueness of the Gillibrand campaign, I haven't a clue how this one will go down.

For most of us, this will be a learning experience because the district is from Columbia County to north of Albany. But it's sure to make headlines on the cable news channels.

Murphy said that he would focus his candidacy on economic development. I would expect that from any candidate regardless of party affiliation. What strikes me is his background in the financial sector and the list of business successes he has for a resume'.

Regarding job creation, he told PolitickerNY: "That's what I do. I create jobs, I can talk the talk on Wall Street and I've put 1,000 jobs on Main Street,"

He went on: "In Congress, I can instantly plunge into the most sophisticated financial conversation regarding our economic crisis. I won't have to get up to speed; I'm ready to move forward. The 20th Congressional District is a perfect place to grow a thriving economy. We've got a trained and willing work force and shovel-ready sites for corporate development. I am ready to take my experience in government and business to Washington and fight for economic and educational opportunities for the people of the 20th CD."

Jim Tedisco will tout his long history of accomplishments after being in the Minority party for his whole tenure. Lets see what he lists as upstate success stories having friends like Bruno and Skelos in the majority of the Senate, steering the upstate economy for so long. Yes, he has the Assembly leadership to throw sticks at, but there are two houses and one was theirs forever.

Both candidates will have a limited amount of time to get their message out since Paterson is pressed for a special election date that doesn't interfere with November's General election. Pay attention! Learn who they are and what they can offer the upstate middle class.

Its going to be an interesting race, and you'll see visits from RNC's new leader, Mike Steele as well as Pataki, Guilianni and McCain before this one is over. Im sure Scott Murphy will have his own list of heavy hitters to get his message out.

The last question is, how much do you think the two parties will spend on this one? Will it break any records?
Are you comfortable with so much national attention on NY politics?


Anonymous said...

Although the district is a bit away, it will affect our number of representatives in Congress and this person has to work with our Maurice.

Lets hope the people of the 20th have the sense to pick Scott.

Anonymous said...

Mike- This should prove to be a bell weather election. With Obama in the White House and Gillbrand now a Senator- will the good citizens of this area revert to their old ways? I do not think so- but it should prove interesting.
With Murphy as a third member of the Hudson Valley delegation, Economic development should become a primary effort with real results to follow.
Shelly Z