Thursday, February 12, 2009


Of course, with all the significance of today, we celebrate both Abraham Lincoln's and Charles Darwin's birthday. Both men changed the way we think about our fellow humans to the point we then asked ourselves, "How could we have believed what we did?"

The Science Channel, and some journals revealed the latest discovery in Africa, the birthplace of Humanity. To add to the many different ways people are celebrating this dual birthday, I thought to pass this portion of an article I found, along to you.

Australopithecus Africanus, a human relative that lived in Africa more than two million years ago, had a skull that was well designed to withstand premolar biting.

AFRICANUS likely used their large premolars (bicuspids) and structurally reinforced face to crack open and ingest large, hard nuts and seeds.

Image: George Washington University

( -- New research conducted in part by researchers at The George Washington University has led to novel insights into how feeding and dietary adaptations may have shaped the evolution of the earliest humans.


Anonymous said...

took over 300 years for the Church to repeal it's ban on the teachings of Copernicus: namely that the Earth goes around the sun.

As far as the Theory of Evolution goes, this has been a relatively short period of resistance for a Dark Ages centered philosophy like the Christian church.

Just like Lincoln, Darwin did have an incredible impact on where this country would go as stewards of humanity and equal rights.

Gallop Pole shows 39% of Americans questioned: believed in Evolution while 25% subscribe completely to their faith. Leaving the rest to utter no opinion. The "free thinkers" as you put, it will eventually have their day, but as I said, it takes time for those who need some sense of afterlife security, to come to terms with the harsh reality that this one experience is the best that it gets.

Anonymous said...

Every time I look in my drawer for a nutcracker I now will just wish that instead I were this species if for no other reason than to be able to crack nuts without buying an extra item the maintenance workers at KHA will eventually steal.