Friday, February 27, 2009


Above, the first look at the just-released final renderings for the World Trade Center site—specifically, the towers that will stand alongside the Freedom Tower.

At first glance, none of the designs have changed radically from when we first met Freedom's Friends, but the new renderings offer an unbelievable new level of detail on the architecture, especially at street level.

The buzz in the world of building design is the new elevators.

On opening in 2013, it will have the five fastest elevators in the Western Hemisphere, according to the company that will make them.

According to the New York Times: These express cars, serving the restaurant and observatory, will reach a top speed of 2,000 feet a minute, meaning that a trip to the top of the city’s tallest building will take less than three-quarters of a minute.

To put that speed in perspective, it is 25 percent faster than the express elevators that served the twin towers — which seemed plenty quick enough, once you had negotiated the long waiting line.

Imagine hopping on the new High Speed Rail here in Kingston and visiting the WTC site while it's being built.
You know I'm kidding.

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