Monday, February 16, 2009


Larry Delarose and
I had the privilege to join Malcolm Smith this past Saturday afternoon with 200 of his closest friends at the new Majority Leader's advancement Reception.

Both Larry and I got to speak to Malcolm Smith a
bout plans for future runs for Senate and the significance of Gillibrand, a voice from "Upstate" serving as a US Senator.

He's a charming man and seems to have surrounded himself with cheerful, energetic people. In this room anyway. I know the workings of the Senate are quite different than the celebratory atmosphere we were exposed to.

Kirsten Gillibrand was in the building and made a quick appearance before the crowd. Thunderous applause caused minutes to pass before she could address the crowd. She did hit on the issues regarding the President's stimulous package and the possible funding for New York. High speed Rail being one of the projects.

After her moment in the light, I uttered a quick assurance that the rail project is what New York needs. And thanks for keeping her stand on the second ammendment and her views on illegal immigration. I definately caught her by surprise as she was wisked away very quickly.

Malcolm went on to introduce the new State Senator Eric Schneiderman from the 31st district in Manhattan. You can view the intro below:

Notice Something Different? from Elizabeth Benjamin on Vimeo.

What struck me was how Sen. Smith recognised Larry at the first greeting, remembering that Larry was the only upstate candidate to bother venturing to Manhattan for a statewide candidates forum he offered back in August. I was impressed.


Anonymous said...

Smith has an 8 Gig memory chip in his head. He remembers everything and everybody. I'm sure he's got every guest's name in his head.

Do we know if Delarose will make a go of it in 2010? I know you'll put in some effort again. Don't let the two years fool you. Get your ducks in order this time.


Anonymous said...

Larkin survived the Obama wave this last time because noone thought the leadership in the senate would switch. Bill has spread money all over the place. Your earlier post on the minority staff and reps getting less funding will hurt the old guard this term. If Malcolm and Co have any sense, they'll make more of an effort this next go around.

Anonymous said...

With the economy the way it is, and the usual method of fund dispersal from Albany, I think we may have made an oops last fall. Is there a way to get money from the State Senate around Larkin?

Anonymous said...

There are Dems in this area who will not let Larkin go down. Larkin has treated them fairly and they will do the same for him.

Anonymous said...

Money speaks louder than deeds in this town.
Every chance Larkin got to vote against democratic wishes, he did, but he brought home the money, so local Democrats hold their nose and vote for him.
That's where the democrats lose the argument in the ethics discussion. Until enough of the current leadership in Ulster and Orange changes and they decide to stick to their values, Larkin and his ilk will remain in Albany.

Anonymous said...

Larkin and Bonacic have $1 million campaign warchest and a common media market. Combined, they blow the competition out of the water not to mention having sharks as campaign aides.

Oh, one more thing, if you are going to toast the new Senate Majority Leader (who insiders openly admit will soon be the Minority Leader given the difficulties the State faces), it would be nice if you got his name right - MalcoLm Smith, not Malcom.

Anonymous said...

Thanking Kissme JigglyBoobs for what? Supporting the Second Amendment? I see...the biggest laugh her introduction got from me was seeing Al the Mouse D'Amato standing in the picture while he was consistently ignored by the Dems in their speeches hahahaha.
While we're at it, let's thank her also for her anti-immigrant policies--in other words, the two issues that real Democrats hold their nose on with the smart blond.
If this is where a "Kingston Progressive" stands, let's not know where a "Kingston Nonprogressive" stands...
As for Larkin, he works hard and consistently at making friends--something the other side of the aisle could-- in many personages-- learn from.

Mike Madsen said...

5:37 Pro-Amnesty Open Borders advocates always mix immigrants with illegal-immigrants. Why is that? To cloud the issue?

Democrats embrace legal immigration like apple pie and baseball. Legal immigration is what built this country. Ask your grandparents.
They signed in, got a physical, check their criminal background and got a bus to Port Jervis.

Illegal Immigration is the issue no-one wants to face. They either have a contagious disease, are wanted by authorities somewhere else or are running drugs.

The US issues 400 thousand temp work visas per month, all for six month stays. These folks get the review before they enter and are welcomed in our country.

I like people who are in the sunshine...I'm a Democrat like Gillibrand. She is not anti-immigrant, but we are anti-illegal-immigrant. Keep the issues separate and you'll have my respect in a conversation.

Anonymous said...

Is someone suggesting that progressives must embrace and even reward lawbreakers? I don't get it. It's a federal law. How is it that Progressives are supposed to fall down at the mention of people being asked to leave because they can't or won't obey the very first law upon entering this country? If they are willing to break the laws on their first step into the U.S. then why would we expect them to follow all the other laws each day after?