Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I managed to get through most of the Blago scandal without wasting any space on the Blog. However...

This gross display of negligence on the part of our Senatorial Review team and the appointment of Roland Burris from Illinois, has me pissed. Why?

There are too many issues for our representative in DC to be focused on, rather than the back room dealings between the Governor and the open Senate seat. We are finding out more about Burris as the weeks go by and as the number of interviews increase, so do the number of flaws in his testimony before the panel.

The recently appointed senator from Illinois, Roland Burris, asked us to look beyond the Blagojevich scandal and judge him independently. Many people did. Turns out we probably shouldn't have.

The Democratic Majority pushed this process along in the hopes of putting this whole mess behind them, but it's not going away. It's no-ones fault but their own.

Like many of us in the Hudson Valley, we only get to see what's on TV or through a web search. I don't like anything I've discovered about the man. The amount of time they spend on this crap does nothing for the economy or my wallet.

Right now, Burris is a distraction and an embarrasment to the new leadership. Commits purgery during every speech! You've got to realize he has no business being in this position.

Get with it people. You've got control of all three branches of Government, a chance to do the people's business as you've been ordered, and you're going to piss it all away through scandals!

Will they ever learn?


Anonymous said...

If Burris chooses to try to weather all of this and not step down, he will eventually have to face the voters if he wants to remain in the seat. At that point I would be stunned if he gets his party's nomination.

What is more disturbing to me is what gets the media's attention in terms of scandals. There are people currently sitting in the House and the Senate who have arguably done worse then Burris and the silence is puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Mike -
Did you expect anything different ?

This is Chicago politics as usual,
if the biased media scratched below the surface instead of drinking the kool-aid, believe me, our new President would be tarred with the same brush.

i am not shocked & you shouldnt be either -
Politics is the same in Kingston, Albany Chicago & D.C.

you know it & i know it.

Anonymous said...

Neither party holds the lead on virtues so I cant say I'm shocked when any politician stumbles. But this guy Burris has been a jerk from the beginning. Begin the special election process while there's still a shred of hope in this era of new politics left.