Thursday, February 05, 2009


As many of us are well aware, Senator Chuck Schumer has been a strong supporter of mass transit, especially high speed rail. Well, one of the influential voices in the other house has made some similar views known recently.

Rep. John Mica, who is on the House Transportation Committee says 80 groups have expressed interest in advancing high-speed rail around the nation.

According to the AP: John Mica, who is Republican, says the Federal Railroad Administration began soliciting proposals in December for projects to help build, finance and operate high-speed rail service between Washington and New York and 10 other areas across the U.S.

For the US to even think about competing with Asian and European countries in manufacturing and development, we need to upgrade our transportation system nationally.

Most of the groups that have expressed interest include architectural, engineering and construction firms as well as train manufacturers and state transportation departments. Sound like more jobs? Economic stimulus?

Schumer's goal from the start was to push economic growth in the upstate New York region by providing rail service on the west side of the Hudson River.
This recent push for federal investment in national infrastructure programs, has brought High Speed Rail back to the conversation and members of Congress now visualise service from Miami to Montreal, as well as coast to coast.

Bravo to Senator Schumer for the continued support, and bravo to Forida's John Mica for getting on board. Not only would the project fit perfectly into the stimulus proposal, but the end result would affect the East Coast in a permanent, economically sound way, leaving little excuse for any community for lacking growth.


Anonymous said...

While I think that high speed rail would be really cool, I wonder how it would support itself... Amtrak can't support itself and constantly loses money.

The expense of a high speed train seems that it would be much greater than that of Amtrak.

Anonymous said...

Mike: legislator Peter Laughlin has been attempting to get this on the table for at least 10 years.
Nothing like the present to commence a project that will take years to complete. The time is NOW. This same not here, concept was used to delay and defer this same type of high speed rail on Long Island, and their parking lot throughway continues to slow down progress. Maybe Sen Schumer will be able to develope the concept and the funds. 12-05 anonymous might be correct in that Amtrak is unable to support itself, but this type of thinking probably kept funding for the Wells Fargo stagecoach that travelled our roads in the 19th century, and would have prevented Wilbur and Orville from ever thinking of flight- Oh well- the time is now
and like the song states, The sun will come out tomorrow. FACT!
Shelly Z