Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Anonymous said...

Mike: an incredible video- about greed, and incompetence. Greed part of their journey for profits and incompetence on the part of our government officials for "donating" funds to be used for "bailout" which in fact was used to distribute bonus money. The figure of $18,000 per employee makes a statement for the amount which was disributed to senior officers and managment. The irony is that all of those polled as to the dollar figure stated, that they would use the funds to pay down debt. Although I am in favor of the stimulus plan- it makes one think as to how the new monies would help our economy. A major factor in this is the obvious initial no comments or instruction on how the actual dollars would be spent. One additional irony is that if debt were indeed paid down, then the banks with potential losses on credit cards would salvage some of these funds and might actually open the spiggot to lending. We are lucky in Kingston and Ulster County that our local lending institutions are in excellent shape.
my three cents,
Shelly Z
now on to funding alternatives for KAPA.

Anonymous said...

How do you feel about the prevailing wage issue? Are you for it? Or are you an advocate Goldman Sach?
The IDA is against prevaling wage and says that is the problem with getting business' in Ulster County.

Eric said...

What a disgrace!

Anonymous said...

But Mike - you are an advocate of no wage standards. Look at your glee in regard to the prevailing wage being suspended. What do you think goes on in the construction business when there are no standards?

And don't give the company line that because of the prevailing wage Ulster couldn't attract business, its a phoney excuse.

If you are concerned then be concerned. It is easy to shoot arrows at long distance offenders - we need your concern for good jobs and wages here locally.

Anonymous said...

Shelly - what about the greed and incompetence of the IDA? Now you are showing concern for the workers paychecks? You are right in the same boat as Goldman Sachs - dam the working man and dam his ability to make a living.
You are a corporate phoney.

Mike Madsen said...

My concern in the world of construction is the blind eye toward illegal immigration both from the hiring side and law enforcement. You remember I brought this issue up at the Kirkland and had to see the hiring contracts myself. That's one factor in the labor movement that confuses me.
Union leadership in border states advocate for amnesty and then complain about low cant have it both ways.
For this example: Burger King is plainly breaking the laws that already exist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous: you can call me what you wish- I have been against corporate greed and incompetence.

The IDA was not involved with greed but political direction. As many of you know, I and the Board were directed by both Democrats and Republicans to mandate prevailing wages. I have always been for a fair and living wage. to insinuate or state that this was not the case is false. Under my resolutions, we changed the mission statement to initially encourage and then to recommend prevailing wages. Our fear was that mandating it would impede our growth. Sadly it did. Friends of Prevailing wages continue to state that the new mission statement wasnt given a chance, well three years and not one single applicant. I have to say that there was one applicant, but when they realized that the mission statement now dictated and mandated the wages, they withdrew.

Even at this late date, Jen Fuentes who has championed prevailing wages voted to rescind the statement. Her comments were that without prevailing wages, we can judge whether or not this was the issue. We will soon find out. As to being a corporate phoney, I don't think so. If I were the phoney that you believe, I would have voted for prevailing wages and continued to be on the IDA. I chose to vote against it and was not reappointed to the board.
But thanks for your comments,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

Based on the little I know about all of this, I think the prevailing wage should continue to prevail in the construction industry and that those that hire illegal immigrants at a lower wage (undercutting the mainstream) should be held accountable.

Alongside this however, should be programs that help illegals meet the needs / requirements of citizenship - provide necessary educational services - and open up doors, for those that achieve legal status and competency - for these folks to earn the prevailing wage as well.

Just thoughts,


Anonymous said...

There were numerous projects before the IDA - most were grandfathered from the labor policy; a fair number of those grandfathered never came to fruition. So clearly wages were not an issue.
Shelly you designated a rollerskating arena as a tourist destination... Enough said. Where are the throngs of out of region visitors that were required for them to receive assistance?

Anonymous said...

You saw papers at the Kirkland. I bet you didn't match names and green cards though. Anybody can show you forms that look correct. But, when you try to match up the paper work with green cards it adds up to illegal immigrants working for illegal wages.
No one working on the Kirkland spent one dime in Kingston or Ulster County. This is the problem.
When greedy corporations exploit the workforce to line thier pockets with tax dollars. This is what the IDA wants. Cheep labor they can exploit.
Company's promise the world to get the money then don't deliver on thier promises to create good paying jobs with benefits.
Before you blame prevailing wage for the problems in UC. Look and see how much money the IDA gave out and how many jobs were created. When company's reneg on there promises to create good paying jobs with benefits they should be made to pay the money back.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mike; Please explain your position on prevailing wage, and the IDA.

Why does the IDA give out millions of dollars, then not follow up on the projects they fund?