Friday, February 20, 2009


I know, you think I'm crazy. But I'm not making this up.

One of the AP sources I follow, says George Pataki met with John Cornyn, the head of the Senate Republican campaign committee about possibly running for the Senate in 2010.

First approached by national Republicans, George has been rumoured to be testing the waters for a challenge to Gillibrand in 2010.

Keep in mind, the AP has no proof of a Senate run in the conversation, but why else would they meet?

I understand that with the leadership positions all but consumed with Democrats from Dog Catcher to President, the Republicans need a big name to set their come-back in motion. Is Pataki the one to do it?

Close friend and former Representative Tom Reynolds told the Gannett News: "Pataki is enjoying the private sector and spending time with his family, I just don’t know that George Pataki wants to pursue a senatorial race.”

Granted, we have time to watch the many possible candidates formulate their strategies, but you can count on Pataki visiting Kingston if this were the goal. Our own Mayor Jim Sottile bent over backwards to endorse and campaign for Pataki in 2002[right on the steps of City Hall]

The outcome of the Governor's race in 2010 between Giuliani and Cuomo will give George a good indication of what to expect from a Senatorial race in 2012.


bd said...

i just spoke to Pataki's former head of patronage,
NO WAY - Jose,,,
FYI - folks,,


Anonymous said...

There is nothing odd about this at all. Pataki won 3 statewide contests for Governor.

The only two questions I see are whether he has the will to go through a grinding campaign and whether some fatigue towards him has set in with the voters. I will be waiting for the inevitable telephone survey to call me, in an attempt to answer the second question.

Anonymous said...

If that were the case, the Republicans have demonstrated just how desperate they are. Granted, the election for Senate is years away, plenty of time for some fresh faces to enter the race, but this wierd injection of Pataki as U S Senator so early makes me wonder what they are really up to.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph states there will be a Gubernatorial race between Cuomo and Giuliani. What happened to Paterson? He isn't running or will there be a primary?

Anonymous said...

With the latest screw-ups by Paterson, Andrew Cuomo will wipe the floor with Dave's record come 2010. I have to agree with you mike that Paterson is outta there.
I caught the intended prediction, even if others didnt

Anonymous said...

Please no!!! I am a republican and the last thing I want to see is Pataki run for senate. I would happily vote for Gillibrand over George or Rudy.

Until the Republican party realizes that it is time to clean house and start endorsing candidates that have actually read and beleive in the principles of the Party they will get no where and the people will not be served.