Saturday, December 27, 2008


Is everybody familiar with that Sheriff in Arizona: Joe Arpaio?

Across the country he has been dubbed "America's Toughest Sheriff," as he makes many of his county's thousands or so inmates live in tents far away from the air conditioned jails. He reinstituted chain gangs [cool] including crews for women and juveniles. If that's not enough, I give him credit for banning smoking, eliminating coffee and stopped showing movies in his jails.

[like they need entertainment]

Well he's getting his own show on FOX Reality TV. The show features Arpaio and other officers using hysterical skits offered by comedy writers and carried out by professional actors to arrest suspects that are wanted by the state or federally.

Arpaio said in the AP; "It's kind of fun to show how stupid they are and, as I say, the looks on their face make for good television."

Joe isnt getting a free ride on this new fame however, he has a vocal crowd that insists he stop the tremendous job he is doing on the Illegal Immigration issue in Arizona. See, his county includes Phoenix, which is a sancuary city which provides a safe heaven for illegals with serious criminal records like rape, drug traficing and murder.

It seems, the "do nothing" state and federal border officers have dropped the ball, allowing a free flow of U.S. bound criminals to mix with the legal immigrants, forcing his department, according to him, to act on our behalf.

Paco Fabian, the spokesman for the Illegal-Immigrant Rights group America's Voice, was also quoted on the AP; "It's going to celebrate a sheriff that's frankly scaring this community, a sheriff that is racially profiling the Latino community, and I doubt that the show is going to reflect that."

Arpaio has launched a series of what he calls crime-suppression patrols. He says they have resulted in the deportation of hundreds of illegal immigrants, including many with criminal records. His quote in the same article: "We are the only ones cracking down on the state's human smuggling law."

Personally, I think the human and drug smuggling from Mexico would decrease significantly if they would just finish building that damn fence.

Will you be watching?


Jeremiah said...

That is cool, I have been following this guy for years. Last year when the Super Bowl was in his town he had his DWI work crew cleaning up the roads leading to the stadium with a huge sign that read, This could be you, Don't Drink and Drive at the Super Bowl.

I will be watching!!

Anonymous said...

Funny how from a distance, a retro/tyrant like this can actually look like an answer until you speak with some of the people, and in my case a 23 year old woman who had to deal with this purple neck ignoramous and his pimative methods...smitty

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike

Good Heads Up on this show -
Loved this Sheriff from afar for awhile, a friend in Glasco turned me onto him, We, in AMerica, need many, many more like him, Liberal sensitivities be damned, LAW & ORDER & National Security should be our Priorities.

Yes,, i WILL be watching,

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike- another great TV show in the making- Not sure if he would be elected here in the Northeast, but in the deep south or southwest he is mainstream. You have to admit- colorful and charming character and beloved by his consituents. Also many who have spent time in his jail don't want to return- so maybe ??? you fill in the blanks
Happy healthy new year to you and yer family and you're esteemed colleagues on the Common Council.
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

Yes folks and Der Fuhrer had a 90% approval rating in late 1930 Germany.
If history teaches us anything, it is that it has a tendency to repeat itself. Watch what entertains you, it might just move into your neighborhood...smitty

PS I don't believe there are any stats showing crime is down in Phoenix!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I'm surprised with you on this one...

Consider this:

How about if this guy was housing hundreds of dogs in swarmy tents under the hot Arizona sun - [without AC (but of course...)]

This including "housing" the dogs with a tendency (under the best of conditions...) to bite WITH the dogs that are simply in need of a safe home and some appropriate treatment services?

Does this not sound somewhat like a glorified concentration camp right here in the U.S.?

If the local animal shelter operated in such a way - would you approve of that?

Did you ever read Stephen King's book, "Thinner?"

Do you ever wonder where this punitive based system (how about utilizing a healing and incentive based proactive system instead?) is leading us...

Did you ever read Stanley Milgram's prison experiment materials? Is it a good idea to reframe monsters as heroes? Might that be an issue here?

I hope you and the other folks responding here look at this situation a little bit deeper...

Recall the fact that we had animal abuse laws before we had child abuse laws...

And remember, if you will, A. Hitler - who was also very popular amongst certain folks (who is this guy popular with, anyhow? Bush chronies and loyalists?) FOR A TIME...

If you corner and mistreat an animal, in a lot of cases, that animal will attack you...

If you slap a puppy or dog in the snout over and over again, that animal is apt to turn mean...

If we mistreat human beings we are dehumanizing (tapping into their base survival instincts) them...

So... if we mistreat human beings (which is being done in a multitude of ways...) how might THEY react?

A lot of folks don't return to this guy's "jail?"

How are the suicide rates in Phoenix? How many folks leave the state after their release? How many folks take to the road and go on to creat havoc elsewhere?

Do you know THOSE stats?

Shucks, maybe they all head to NY state and/or even get on the Ulster County wagon (this is not meant as any type of judgment) train?


How does this "Boss Hog" setup compare to a Federal "white collar" BIG MONEY - "REALLY GOTHA' GOOD!" - bid?

It seems to me that a number of Professional "white collar" criminals end up (if having to serve time at all) in a cozy "cell" with all kinds of nifty amenities...

And a number of "these" folks go on to become multimillionaire lobbyists, authors ("Hallelujah by Jesus"!), etc.

'Tis just another perspective...

But I think something is SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THIS PITURE...

Peace, Love, Humane Justice..


Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

US Cities with Highest Crime Rates
2008 Almanac
1 New York
2 Los Angeles**
3 Chicago
4 Houston**
5 Dallas**
6 Phoenix**
7 San Antonio**

** Five of seven in the southwest

Yes, Dukes and Dazzies crime may be even more of a hazard when you make Boss Hog a hero?...smitty

Anonymous said...

Hey Smitty:

Why are you so down on the guy? What's wrong with upholding the law? Youre probably one of the hippies still stuck in the 60s that's into booze and legalized drugs.

what do you propose, smitty? LAISEZ FAIRE. anything goes. drugs and booze for everyone! screw the law. let the gangs and drunks take over,

Here's to hoping that a drunk driver runs into you.

Mike Madsen said...

although I published that last comment, it serves as an example of unwarented ill will toward another reader. Unlike other Blogs, I ask that you disagree with respect toward others. Smitty must know I published this comment for the opportunity to remind everyone about Blogger manners.
Even if I seem a monster on an issue, we all get along in the real world. So focus on the issues and not the physical harm.

Anonymous said...

Now that was neither nice or brave, Mr.Anonymous.

A drunk driver could run into me, but throwing the guy in a desert
tent won't solve his problem.
N'est pas?...smitty

Anonymous said...

Hey N.

I agree with you.With the rising number of violent crime today we need a new approach. we should be more forgiving. lets look right here in kingston. what do you say about the man who raped a 13 year girl a couple of weeks ago? we should be more caring with him. hes a repeat offender and putting him in jail does no good. we should forgive him. same with the pedophiles and people who commit violence against women everyday. we should embrace them and forgive and forget. what say you?

Anonymous said...

anon... (from N)

I did not mention the word forgive, now did I?

My idea is that folks with non-violent addiction-related offenses be mandated into treatment for their addictions...

And that violent offenders (addictive problems or no) be sentenced to time in "jail" and/or "prison" (as appropriate)...
where they are mandated into treatment for "thier" addictions / other issues --- AND be made to produce violence prevention packets or something of the sort.

(A very brief summary of my ideas).

Trust me, I'm NOT big on forgiveness. I believe that people NEED to be held accountable for thier actions (and that the public at large NEEDS to be kept safe from violent offenders!)

What happens within the context of jails and prisons is what concerns me here, because it is my belief that traumatizing people does NO GOOD at all - for anyone.

Am I an idealist? Maybe. But why a chain gang? Why not have folks in jail and prison do something that will boost their self-esteem, benefit the community at large (like the prevention packet idea), and learn skills that "might" lower the recidivism rates?

Think about what it would feel like to be chained to other people...

Would that foster good feelings or hope in your heart? Or more resentment / anger at society?

No. We do not have to forgive ---
but it is my opinion that we need to find a better way of dealing with these situations.

Does that make sense?

BTW, Mike... I certainly DON'T think you are a "monster" on this issue... 'Tis just a different perspective...

As a matter of fact, you are "possibly" (have to keep that ego in check, lol...) my favorite Alderman! You do LOTS, including this great blog, and it is truly appreciated.

Happy New Year!