Saturday, December 20, 2008


The Catskill Animal Sanctuary, located on the border of Ulster and Saugerties, is in financial need just like everyone else. However this haven for abused and neglected farm animals, houses creatures we call "the voiceless victims" of the economic crisis.

So many people in Ulster County have made farm animals part of their families, but when times are tough and the threat of losing thier home or health insurance, they can no longer afford to care for these animals.

Two years ago, my friend Bettie and I rescued a domesticated Goose down by Rosita's Restaurant on the Rondout. It was frightened and limping when we finally caught her. Patrons of the bar threw stones at the friendly foul over the weekend and luckily did little harm. CAS is where we took her; Bettie and I visit the Sanctuary twice a year to check up on her.

Sanctuary director Kathy Stevens said in the Record this week:"Our waiting list of people desperate to place animals, from rabbits to draft horses, is seven pages long,"

So the Sanctuary is having what they call a "Bale Out" [yes they went there] Animals rescued by the sanctuary require hay, grain, bedding, shelter construction, caregiver salaries, medical supplies and veterinary care.

Money raised this winter through the "Bale Out" will go into an account to be used only for expenses directly related to the care of the animals. You can donate by visiting where you can track the progress of this campaign.

Even if you don't have a needy animal or the means to donate right now, you can stop in for the winter open house on weekends. Bring the kids and witness the good work this organisation does. No dogs.

Directions: From Kingston, take 9W north through Ulster, past QuickChek and Angela Pizza until you reach Old Stage Road on your right. Follow signs. 336-8447

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