Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Here's some good news for the region, The Walkway over the Hudson, a massive tourism project for Ulster and Dutchess Counties, just got another shot in the arm a few days ago. It seems Congressman Maurice Hinchey secured another $450 thousand federal dollars to push the project along.

This would increase the grant funding from almost $900K to well over a million for the purpose of restoring the ancient Railroad Bridge which crosses the Hudson from Highland to Poughkeepsie.

This is a Bridge erected over 100 years ago and served as a main freight line until the thing caught fire back in the 70's.

The conversion to a pedestrian cross-over park has been in the works for several years. Most of those involved are looking at late summer/early fall of next year to have the opening ceremonies. I have pondered how the future restaurants and amusements out over the river will split the sales tax revenue? Will it depend on the middle marker between county lines?

Coincidently, the completion is aimed at the same window that we celebrate the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial. (I am tired of writing that long title)

All of the river towns and cities have state and federal dollars coming in to boost the year long recognition of the accomplishments that lead to the wave of new colonization and industrialization in the Hudson Valley.

Job well done Maurice, but what do we have planned here in Kingston?


Anonymous said...

Really?? What happened to the funds that Hinchey "secured" for TSEC?

They seem to have evaporated. But! he still had the press conference.

I am sick of these press conference announcements. This is as bad as Mike Hein's home heating oil summit. How about an update on that? Does he have any more than $100 in that fund?

Anonymous said...

Hinchey does more than his share of bringing home the pork. Keeping the status quo here in the hudson valley is tough enough when you consider the tech jobs are now all sent to India.
Competing with the global markets for the scraps that cant or havent yet moved overseas is a steep enough goal without denigrating Maurice for his efforts

Anonymous said...

Making this walkway a reality in time for the Quad will be quite a feather in Hinchey's hat. He has been a proponent of using the old rail crossing for something touristy since the mid 90s.
12-1300K to insure this project gets done is nothing compared to the failed projects sponsored by other congressmen. I am looking forward to its completion and yes, I do think this is money well spent, unlike the financial bailout we saw last month.