Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chuck Schumer made a quick trip to a recycling facility this week. Taylor Recycling in Montgomery, NY. Which is just south of the Ulster County border in Orange.

His reason for dropping by the plant was to draw attention to the Bio-Mass project they are developing which would convert waste into electricity. Just a small example of the overall north east Renaissance in green and renewable energy development and manufacturing.

Why now? Well, to highlight the latest push by President-Elect Obama's recovery package that aims to stimulate the economy on a local level by allocating funds for municipal capital and infrastructure upgrades, such as road bridges, mass transit upgrades, sewer system diversions and of course recycling and green energy projects.

Here in Kingston, our own Economic Director has prepared an outline for submission for the new administration, describing in detail, what projects we have “shovel-ready” in our own back yard. Steve Finkle and staff have done their homework on this one and being prepared is usually smiled upon by those who seek an efficient outcome of fund allocation.

While touring the facility in Orange County, Schumer outlined the economic recovery plan, now being developed by Obama and House and Senate members.

Hinchey [seen here with Assemblyman Skartados] Gillibrand and Hall have each indicated their willingness and enthusiasm for the Hudson Valley region being central to the New York State economic boost. Having Senator Schumer come to this area, even if it is in Orange County, should give us reassurance of their continued focus locally.

Schumer said the package, with range between $500 and $700 billion, has three categories so far: "shovel-ready" road, sewer and water projects; longer-term infrastructure work, with preference given to those that create "green" jobs; and "significant aid" to state and local government health and education programs.

The Finkle proposal was voted on Dec 16th at the special Common Council meeting.


Anonymous said...

I have to say, allocating funds to promote job growth while investing in our nation's infrastructure is brilliant.
Would someone please tell me how the last $600 in the pocket helped the overall economy? Everyone paid bills or went to Walmart [China].

This is a better approach. Sure we would like the jobs to be green and local...good job Chuck, Hillary and Maurice, but the idea of investing in our municipalities...who knew?

Anonymous said...

C'Mon- investing in local municipalities is like Time Warner and our franchise fee not being collected. We would all have an additional $5.00 in our pockets. Why not change the franchise fee and charge an additional .10 which would net the KPA $900.00/month or maybe another .10 for capitol expenditures. Now that would bring them back on the air- ASAP
thanks for the voice,
Shelly Z

and maybe its time to jump on the Kennedy bandwagon- the City Dem Party could be the first upstate. and WHY NOT?

Anonymous said...

The "wish list" has been delivered to Hinchey, Schumer and Clinton. Any word on when we hear from the future admin?