Thursday, December 18, 2008


We have just reached a pivotal moment in the renaissance of the Kingston waterfront. And with very little public witness.

The City of Kingston's Planning Board, after 6 long years of give and take, public hearings, and protests from far away sources, has finally voted unanimously to accept the completed FGEIS for the Hudson Landing housing development along the shores of the Hudson River in Kingston.

With the intent to use a once industrial and current toxic wasteland for the construction of 1500 homes and retail units, Tom Perna and company initially offered a much different model for the river property.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars and years later, the latest proposal offered to the Planning Board is a delight to see. As I prepare this posting, I am looking at the artist renditions of what we can expect from AVR. They are very different from those original penetentury style monsters we railed against in 2002.

So, the process worked. Public input and even the persistant roadblocks from heavily funded Not-for-profits that exist just for this purpose, caused AVR to reshape the depelopment to the welcomed neighbor we hope to see.

The first shovel wont hit the ground for about a year. Plenty of paperwork to finalize, but I have to make it clear that I am really happy with the current plan and would like the members from the past opposition to now help to make Hudson Landing a reality.

Here are some artistic renderings from the revised plan.


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice and I hope they build it. One question, doesn't that area flood?

Anonymous said...

Mike: Only one word summarizes this epic event in Kingston


but now as per my specific personanna- additional words to the effect, Let's utilize this forward movement and continue to make the City of Kingston- similar to your great blog........Lets become a PROGRESSIVE CITY with a single goal. to return it to its splendor. A city to be a leading area to become a tourist mecca, a haven for growth and one that has the best Public Access TV network in the state.
just my humble opinion,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

We dont get to see drawings like this out in the real world. Thank you for posting them.
You say they were bigger and like penetentury monsters? What a description. Glad to see the process work.
Unless I move south, I may sell my home and take a smaller unit. When will they be ready?

Anonymous said...

The economy will turn around, new housing starts will increase, and people will move into these units.
This is long overdue. Glad you were there.

Where were the other Aldermen?

Anonymous said...

I know its years away, but as the development grows, will our treatment plant handle the additional flow?
Is that what the remaining meetings are about?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that over the next few years the down town area and water front might just put kingston back on the map,but,it still does nothing for the rest of the city.It will become a world of it's own with places to eat, shop still won't bring the masses to midtown and uptown.

Anonymous said...

Pipe dream - at least Sottile got wined and dined and campaign contributions.

Anonymous said...

The best is Sottile wont be around to see the finished product.