Saturday, December 27, 2008


President Obama has offered Los Angeles deputy mayor, Nancy Sutley, as a senior member of his environmental team. Nancy, who is a lesbian, will be the highest ranking "openly homosexual" appointedmember in the new administration.

Sutley, will be named chairwoman of this new Council, which helps develop environmental policy and advises the President while the White House formulates fresh policy on such matters. Honestly, this has been lacking for quite some time.

Taken right from the AP: Nancy Sutley has a rich background in environmental public policy, having served on the California State Water Resources Control Board, as energy adviser to Gov. Gray Davis, and as the deputy secretary for policy and intergovernmental relations within the California Environmental Protection Agency.

Under consideration for an actual Cabinet position for Secretary of Interior, is John Berry. If chosen and confirmed, Berry would be the first openly-gay official to reach such a position and place him in control of all federal lands.

Why John Berry? He is currently the director of the Smithsonian National Zoo and former executive director of the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Obama has been steady on his promise to tap quality personnel from a broad spectrum of our society. Like many other minority groups who highlight the gains from this election, I, with my brothers and sisters in the LGBT community, will rejoice in our triumphs as well.

Honestly, I just want them to do their jobs and do them well.


Anonymous said...

to you and reporting on this. How is it that there is only one lone voice in the Hudson Valley that is actually following positive news?
I realise that being born into a group lends itself to a natural kinship toward like members, but these two distinguished public servants truly deserve the attention.
As a recent transplant from California, I can attest to Sutley's qualifications.
Thanks for doing the research.

Anonymous said...

Mike stick to the illegal transfers to Fire and Police overtime you vote for each year.

By the way - thanks for putting up with us who care enough to crticize.