Thursday, December 04, 2008


With the budget process just about done in every municipality across the state, many of us focus on what we have to do with our families, homes, paying bills and holiday shopping.

Dont lose sight of whats really important, your health. Pay attention to what is in your path when driving around this season.

Like this driver, a young man in his 30's, he looked down on the floor of his Jeep for just a second and ended up another accident statistic for Washington Avenue.

It was around 3pm on Wednesday when I heard a hard smack, like one of our nail guns went off in the kitchen, then I saw the Sherriffs car and the lights on down by the Lucas Ave GETTY.

Our paramedics and Mobile Life were only minutes later. The Jeep hit a commercial dump truck who's driver was unharmed. Luckily no-one was hurt.

I was only onsight this quick because I am remodeling the interior of a duplex near the Queens Galley on Washington Ave.

The pictures are worth showing to everyone because a simple moment of attention loss while driving can devistate a family.

Pay attention, buckle the kids and get that phone off your ear!

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