Monday, December 08, 2008


The Obama team has tapped another local for his advisory team.

Ginny Apuzzo, who lives in Rosendale, was reached by the transition team to work on behalf of the Gay and Lesbian Community and lending her expertise on issues that continue to set some of us back when dealing with government and society in general.

Ginny has been active in the equal rights movement since her early days as a teacher in the 60's and joining the Sisterhood in the 70's.

Working with the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force and becoming the national spokeswoman to raise support for people suffering with HIV/AIDS, Ginny has got enough experience to be a wise choice for the Obama team.

Ginny has her government experience as well. She worked in NYC with then Mayor Koch before the journey to Albany to work in the Cuomo administration. Eventually she found herself in the Clinton White House as the office manager in charge of the daily workings for Bill and Hillary's second four years.

You'll find her working tirelessly on Wall Street here in Kingston as she remains the driving force behind our regional LGBTQ Community Center. I served with Ginny during the first two terms of the Board of Directors and am proud to have had the experience as a team player; making a profound difference for so many people in the Hudson Valley.

Ginny was quoted in the AP as saying she will remain local to continue her efforts here, but will participate in the advisory role temporarily as the Obama Administration takes its first steps.

I am thrilled to know our new President has the forethought to bring in a well grounded and experienced activist for equality such as you.
Congratulations Ginny!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see that building be put to great use. I am happy that we can work together to make a better city and a place of refuse for people that don't know where to turn. This is great !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hear the State Senate is going to put the same-sex marriage issue aside for this term because the Gang-of-Three arent willing to entertain the issue.

Sucks to be Malcolm Smith.

Anonymous said...

OK, so the Senate went Democrat and they still wont vote on Marriage Equality? You're telling me because some democrats are flirting with the past leadership, we have to endure the second class status a while longer?
This is BullSh*t!

Anonymous said...

Mike, during the last campaign season you were involved a great deal with the Senate race here in the 39th district. I didnt hear very much about support from the Democratic Election Campaign regarding the Delarose campaign. Im guessing not alot was done to help.

Do you suppose they have regrets now that their majority is giving them this much trouble? Will they wake up and help in 2010?

Mike Madsen said...

To 7:30...I cant say what the leadership is thinking right now. I suppose they've put the last election behind them as the try to deal with the hand they've been dealt.
Where any of us will be next time is hard to tell, but I'm sure at that point they will consider investing in races that may provide more of a majority so they will be less vulnerable from rogue Democrats who use blackmail to secure influential posts.
Lesson learned?

Anonymous said...

"I am happy that we can work together to make a better city and a place of refuse for people that don't know where to turn."
"Place of REFUSE?"
Mmmmm...yes...I have to AGREE--and in many more ways than only ONE!!