Saturday, December 13, 2008


There have been an increase of inquiries regarding the relocation of registered sex offenders to the City of Kingston in the last few months. The latest called to my attention about a residence close to the Kingston High School.

h the police department and the Sheriffs office keep a close watch on those who reside in each township, the residents have the right to know who is living in their neighborhood.

So I thought it would be a good idea to remind every one of the free websites available to those who have web access.

The sites are fairly up to date and although not fool proof, they provide an extensive DATA base throughout the state and indicate what level of offence they are registered at.

Mind you, not all registered sex offenders are paedophiles. That is a misconception in the general community. Things happen in peoples past, sometimes when they are youngsters themselves.

These sites are NOT tools to harass people. Our police departments know the locations of these men and women and wish to keep them on the registry and in the system. Causing undue public harassment and making false claims against people increases the likelyhood of forcing them underground and unattended. KPD and the Sheriffs Dept don't want that any more than you do.

But you have the right to know.

The second website provides more felony information in the neighborhood.
Both require that you submit your own Email address to track the level of use and to better fund their own efforts with grant funding.


Anonymous said...

A high-risk sex offender previously housed at the Summit Park Hospital - costing county tax payers an estimated $110 a day - has left Rockland County.

Christopher Palma, 25, who had stayed at the hospital for more than 18 months because he couldn't find housing in Rockland, has moved to the Colonial Motel in Kerhonkson, N.Y., according to the state Sex Offender Registry, which lists his address.

Kerhonkson is west of New Paltz.

As of late November, Palma's stay had cost taxpayers $60,500.

County officials in probation had said they were working to find Palma a place to live.

County spokeswoman C.J. Miller refused to comment last night on whether the county was footing the bill for Palma's stay at the upstate motel.

"I think it's a win-win," Legislator Ed Day, R-New City, said last night. "The entire matter was an embarrassment. It's good to see we have one less sex offender in Rockland."

County officials have said there were very few places for Palma to live in Rockland because of a 2007 county law prohibiting sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, day-care centers or other operations that cater to children.

Palma was convicted of having oral sex with a 14-year-old girl and intercourse with a 15-year-old girl.

He also was convicted of promoting and possessing a sexual performance by a child and disseminating indecent materials to a minor.

Rockland County Legislator Ed Day – RESPONSE:

“As a former law enforcement professional, and a father of two, I take no solace in having these cretins live anywhere near families, which is why I introduced the Sex Offender Zone law here in Rockland. I have seen the pain caused by these people first hand; up close and personal. I have locked them up and put them in jail.

Secondly, I will tell you that I did not "send him" anywhere. That was the County Probation Department in Rockland. And do not believe the nonsense they could not find a place for hi to live; they simply bungle this big time. During the time they were ostensibly "trying" to find housing, a number of registered sex offenders moved here without "government help", so in short, they just could not get it done. Their number is (845) 638-5533

Probation also opted NOT to do what I said they should have done; let him serve his sentence of 6 months here in Rockland. He had already pled guilty and the judge was ready to sentence him. They wanted to keep him under their oversight. Again, their choice.

And my "win-win" comment was reported without the rest of what I said in answer to a question. A win for taxpayers as we were wasting money on this guy, and yes, a win that he is not in Rockland. I fully undertsand your desire that he was not in Ulster either, but they have to live somewhere, and we do have about 100 of them here in Rockland. At the very least, we have state and county laws that address them to some degree.

Lastly, I would suggest that if Ulster has not done so, they follow our lead here in Rockland, and which was joined by other counties, by enacting similar protective legislation. The link to the law is

And, yes, I agree Ulster has the same rights to be protected as Rockland. I would suggest you and other good people call your legislators and get this done up there too. I am available to any of your representatives to assist in any way I can. My background can be invaluable, and I have helped other elected officials in this regard in Westchester and Putnam already”.- Ed Day, Rockland County legislator

Anonymous said...

The Ulster County Sheriff's Office maintains a public database. It is the most up to date source of information. Web address is: or find it at the SO's web site:

Anonymous said...

I understand that there is a difference between sex offenders and Peds, I have always felt that Peds are unable to be assimilated back into our society because there is no cure for such behavior.
What can the counties and the State do about placing these monsters in separate housing or at least further from schools and daycare?

Will any of us ever stay at the Colonial Motel in Kerhonkson? Not a chance.

Anonymous said...

I signed up with two of the sites. I am amazed at what I see.