Sunday, November 30, 2008


If you had noticed, many of the local papers have been speculating on the future of one of our US Representatives here in the upper Hudson Valley. Kirsten Gillibrand has been a media focus ever since Hillary was rumored to be picked as Secretary of State in the Obama cabinet.

Clinton’s departure leaves a tremendous void to be filled by someone just as dynamic. Could Kirsten achieve such a role?

Asked about speculation that she could be picked to succeed Clinton, Gillibrand replied: “That’s for the governor to decide.”

Indeed it is. I made this the base of a prior Blog Post with the focus on the joy of Clinton in the White House, but we really do have to consider, what does Gov. Dave think is the best option; something that helps the state and our economy? Or an appointment that better insures his re-election?

Gillibrand said she plans to advocate for investment in middle-class tax cuts, noting that property taxes are too high mostly due to unfunded mandates at the federal level as well as promote targeted tax credits for college tuition and early childhood education.

Quoted in the Freeman article: Kirsten will increase attention to infrastructure; roads, bridges, sewer and water systems, high-speed Internet access in rural areas and health-care information technology. She has also gotten health-care IT money for Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson because “mistakes are the biggest costs in health care.”

I have to point out, Gillibrand also said she would also like to see high-speed rail or light rail in the Hudson Valley. This sounds like she studied the DelaroseToSenate website. That was one of Larry’s babies.

Gillibrand has some well thought out views on alternative energy production and speaks openly against the super corporate bailouts that the Fed has been touting, so she may have enough spine after all.

If Dave were to appoint Kirsten to the Junior Senator seat, she may do New Yorkers just as much good as Chuck and Hillary have.

Keep your schedule open Kirsten.


Anonymous said...

If she is as tough as she is good looking, she'll be quite the Senator.
This is so sexist.

Anonymous said...

Look for Cuomo to get the nod. Patterson wants Cuomo out of the way so he won't primary him for Governor.

joe frank said...

I think that Governor Paterson should appoint Congressman Mike McNulty, from the Albany area.

Here are some reasons why McNulty is best suited for the position:

a) McNulty is well versed at Washington politics and is well liked on both sides of the isle.

b) He does not need any “ramp up” time to learn the ins and outs of Washington. He also sits on similar Congressional Committees to that of Senator Clinton's Senate Committees too.

c) He lives upstate which creates the opportunity for Governor Paterson to show upstaters that he cares about upstate.

d) McNulty, by virtue of his impending retirement in Congress, does not create another void in local, state or federal government. Paul Tonko ran as a Democrat to fill McNulty's seat that he is vacating this month and won.

e) Since the appointment is to fill the rest of the term - 2 years - it also gives Congressman McNulty an “out” should he really want to retire in two years AND it would give the voters of the State of NY the opportunity to vote for a non incumbent candidate should McNulty not run.

Please pass my recommendation and "vetting" on to "Dave" for me.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo or Kennedy Jr.
Cuomo to eliminate the primary, Kennedy for the name. Hard to imagine all the changes brought about by the Presidential election.

Savor the moment though. Like you said in the other post, the momentum will fade and you'll be left with just the party faithful.