Sunday, November 09, 2008


Great news on the Senate Leadership issue. New York senator-Elect Hiram Monserrate of Queens, decided to stay with the Democratic majority and thus end the speculation of which affiliation the Senate leadership would have.
Unless there is some kind of power struggle over the Majority Leader role, Malcolm Smith will assume the position.

Malcolm Smith said Thursday he will create a Latino caucus in his conference, addressing one concern of the so-called "Gang of Four" Democrats who threatened the party departure.

Sen. Pedro Espada Jr.from the Bronx, was set to meet with Skelos sometime before the 2009 session, but nothing is confirmed.

There is also the assumption that these four Senators were playing for the chance at a lucrative chairman positionS but in the midst of the political storm in Albany, Smith has made no promises.

Paterson has called the Legislature back to session Nov 18th to address the financial crisis we face this year. We all hope they work a little magic in those meetings because it has a significant affect on the Towns and Cities throughout the state.
Our very own Bill Larkin is one of the “Good Ol Boys” who are pushing the “Gang of Four” to defect the Democratic majority. With the Senate under control of the Democrats for the first time in 40 years, there is no longer a road block to the sound, fiscal proposals coming from the Assembly. Joe Bruno and company let thousands of quality legislation proposals die in committee simply for political reasons.

The other two defector suspects are Rubin Diaz of the Bronx and Carl Kruger of Brooklyn. Kruger got a Chairman position under Bruno in return for favorable votes.

Espada primaried and won against Gonzales, who was supported by Smith. So there is a history here that those of us upstate might not know about. But it’s important to the Hudson Valley, because we are in the “No Job Zone” and the health of the valley depends on the leadership in Albany.

To counter Larkin’s smug attempt to shift the power, his former rival Larry Delarose said: “I just heard a newscast today that said State Senate is thinking of attempting to pass legislation for marriage equality in NYS. However, Bill and his conservative buddies in the Senate are looking to stop that by any means. The four Democrats known as the “Gang of Four” are tempted to jump caucus for this reason. Isn't it about time the LGBT community in the 39th Senate district stop grinding their teeth and step up to the plate and publicly call out those who oppose the move?”

I would have to agree with Delarose on this issue. There are a number of progressive issues that the "Brown Shirts" have blocked for decades. Watching this play out publicly by people we elect is disturbing. Lets hope the leadership change brings the policy change we asked for.
Question is, will Delarose run for Senate in two years and will the Democrats actually support him? That depends on if the Democrats finally get tired of the ugly politics of the "Good Ol Boys" who are now in the minority.


Anonymous said...

I think what you'll find with Lakin's popularity is while the new leadership cuts the taxpayer money gifts he was throwing around, you'll see his numbers dwindle.
He is only in office because of the money. If you look at his voting record, he doesnt represent the average New Yorker like our Assemblymen do. Cut the money and let him wither on the vine until 2010.

Anonymous said...

There are more troubling aspects to this State than marriage equality. Let them get to work on issues that effect the entire state citizenry rather than a select few. We need relief from state mandates, reduction of social services and policies that will truly bring jobs to this State. Everything else needs to be put on the back burner.

Norman Rad said...

For all that Larkin has done in a positive light for the City of Kingston I would think that you would be abit more appreciative.

To borrow a statement used when talking about our new President, Larkin is our Senator and he deserves our support.

Anonymous said...

Larkin will now be marginalized. hell, the republican leadership wasnt thrilled with him in his last days anyway, but now...hold your ass, because the relevance of the Orange/Ulster corridor are diminished with him still in office. Tell me you think Smith is going to funnel money to this valley through Bill. Politics my friend.

Anonymous said...

Eventually, even Orange County will have an epiphany and send Larkin home. He wouldnr take Ulster County the way he took Orange.

The towns he took in Ulster are the ones that give us so much trouble on the UC Legislature.
Delarose won Kingston hands-down but those 19th century hamlets south of us, that went completely for McCain, kept Larkin in office.

The longer Larkin is out there pissing on Smith's shoes, the less our district will see in state money. Maybe he'll leave office early.

Anonymous said...

Larkin will die in that office. No amount of effort is going to shift any votes toward an opponent. He could be caught with a farm animal on national TV and the Orange county electorate would put him right back in office. You have to ask, how long can he keep up at his age. It may take a stroke to send him home.