Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Say hello to our new President.
With a mandate like we haven't seen since 92, this country is set for a course correction.
Americans from coast to coast recognized the tremendous need for serious change in the way this country runs and nowhere did we see that materialize better than this wonderful evening.
This has been a rewarding election season but i'm glad it's over.
Time to get back to the business of running the city.
Thanks to everyone who worked on ALL the campaigns. Noone works for a candidate unless they believe in the message and expect it to better serve the public. That goes for both parties.
Now on to the budget.


Bill Berardi said...


We look forward to your efforts on behalf of the taxpayers of the City of Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for being the first to clean up his blog!

Anonymous said...

on to the budget is right,time to move on. what ideas or suggestions do you have to help ease the pain?thank you c.c.

Anonymous said...

Im still ecstatic about all the local races and what the election of Obama will mean for this country's future.
So much work to do to rebuild our economy and world image. I guess i'm just thrilled to have participated in this historic election.

Anonymous said...

Brians comments on KPA Monday night are assinine. How can anybody defend this budget.

Creating new positions while getting rid of others make no sense. How do you reduce taxes while creating new positions, I don't understand.

Ax the new positions too, that includes the partime enviromental educator as well. Noble is triing to pull the wool over your eyes. It was a part time position in 08 not full. Check the real 08 budget.