Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok, get this, I’ve been reading for a while now, that our famed Mayor of America, Rudy Giuliani wants to run for Governor here in New York.

Somebody pinch-me. Did anyone bother to review the tally of the votes for President here in New York? Obama clocked McCain in a big way. And face it, the man couldn’t even capture the republican Primary here and he wants to run for Governor?

Mind you, he had to go to Dubai to make this announcement. Like there weren’t enough reporters here in the Empire State still following him around? Or perhaps not.

He said “"If you had told me a year ago we would have a major economic crisis, I would've told you it would be very hard for any Republican to win,"

Gov. David Paterson fully plans on running for his first full term and said so last month.

I found one article on the AP where “Benito” Giuliani, as he was known in NYC, was asked if he would serve in the Obama Administration, in his usual slippery way, he managed to sidestep the question and moved on to something completely different.

Poor Rudy. He actually followed the question with "You never answer questions like that hypothetically, Very few people ever turn the president down, but that's an unrealistic situation."

From what I gather, our esteemed former NYC Mayor, and criminal prosecutor, was destined to be McCain’s number one choice for US Attorney General; had he won.

McCain will go back to the Senate just as Kerry did after his failed attempt four years ago. What will Rudy do? Join the peace corps?

Note to Rudy: don’t bother filling out those petitions.


Anonymous said...

guiliani makes a better looking woman than sottile. i hope he runs for governor.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand your dislike for the idea of Rudy running for Governor if it is over for him as you have stated. I have read that Gov. Paterson is planning to run to keep the Governorship, but I have also read about a number of Democrats who are interested in running as well. So lets wait to see if he gets his party's nomination. You sound like you are assuming any Democrat in NY will get the support the Obama received and that is not necessarily true. A lot of people make large assumptions about changes in the electorate after wins or losses, only to be proven wrong in the the next election cycle or two. Obama is a unique candidate and what goes for him does not necessarily translate to another Democrat candidate running for a different office.

Anonymous said...

I think Rudy is smart all the money he raises he can keep when he gets out of politics