Monday, November 03, 2008



Jeremiah said...

I thought Powell is the main evil genius behind the rush to war in Iraq. Wasn't he the one the helped make up the WMD lie? Until a couple of weeks ago he has been called a liar and every other name in the book. Is he ok now that he has endorsed Obama?

Anonymous said...

Jeremiah - initially, Colin Powell tried very hard to resist the pressure that Bush/Cheney put on him to support the war. While they (B/C) were calling other countries trying to gain allies, Colin Powell refused. Finally, because he was a suck-up, he relented, and went before the U.N. and extolled the benefits and necessity of going to war. He put his job before his country. He did not at all rush us into the war in Iraq; he did not help make up the lie about the WMDs - that was all done for him (and us). He agreed to be the messenger - I'm not saying that it's OK, but he allowed himself to be a puppet for the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

Back to the budget. Why don't we cut the purchasing agent out of the budget. We can't afford to purchase anything. He doesn't do his job just plays on the computer.

TR created this position for his buddy to sit and do nothing all day.

DPW and the buses just by pass him and order there own parts.

Mike Madsen said...

Brian is the name of the purchasing agent for the city.
Brian saves almost 3X his yearly salary each month through diligent research and bid process.

Sure the DPW and others arbitrarilly order things they shouldnt, but thats where accountability comes in. Not the worth of the purchasing position.

And I think the position came with the revised charter, unless im mistaken.

Anonymous said...

Democratiic committee member (hack) Brian. Tell him to get his figures right, last night he called Joe Marchetti's show and said that the 15% tax increase was the high end. It's just an average. Some people's taxes are going up over 30%. Thanks Mike. Vote republican in 09 will be the battle cry.

Anonymous said...

The news is showing one of the biggest turnouts this country has seen in decades.