Friday, November 14, 2008


Earlier this week, our former Alderman from the first ward was featured in the Times Herald Record.

Shelly Zimbler has written an historic account about the survivors of a once forgotten battle, capture and torture of a large group of American POWs in Japanese Prison Camps.

In UNDAUNTED VALOR, Shelly describes in great detail how he came to write the book and the long arduous task of finding the dwindling number of survivors from the Bataan Death March and the Battle of Corregidor. His research took him to Beijing and Shenyang where he discovered the remains of the prison camps being turned into a museum with the help of the Truth Council.

Shortly after setting on his mission to research these events he found that our military would rather forget the Battle of Corregidor ever happened. Considered military failures, these men had been ordered to surrender by their superiors, and though many did survive the 90 mile Death March, their stories had been untold, until now.

Zimbler was quoted “Imagine if the firefighters and police and office workers who shouldered the burdens of Sept. 11 had been intentionally ignored by Americans, their sacrifices and heroism buried in some dusty filing cabinet in an attic room in the Pentagon. Ironically, that’s what our military did in the case of Mukden”

The book gives a fresh insight to some of the sensationalized battles that most of us have heard of or studied.
Like Pearl Harbor [pictured left]
Shelly, although he didn’t serve in WWII, should be the “go to” guy for anyone wants a no-nonsense account of American Military History.

With about 30 pages read, and having skimmed through enough to bring this posting to you, I can safely say, buy this book and you will be drawn in. The personal stories from the men who made it through one of the darkest episodes in our wartime history, will take you on their personal journey and we have Shelly Zimbler to thank.

To contact Shelly, just email him at: and get your copy today.


Anonymous said...

There will always be three versions of the truth, from the winner, from the loser and what really happened.

Our government and many before, have created their own version of history to the point that if someone challenges our sanctioned history, you'll find yourself publically ostrasized.

Job well done Shelly.

Anonymous said...

Shel, youve done well.
Glad to see the book is finally done and available.
I miss your show. when and where will the Ch23 studio come back?
Will you run for Alderman again?

Anonymous said...

Mike: Thank you for an excellent presentation on behalf of these great American heroes. Their sacrifce and courage is what has always kept America free. The addage that freedom is not free is a fact and we should all be aware of what these National Treasures have done for our great nation.

As for my political future, I have leaned to never say never. As a paraphrase to some of President-elect Obama comments that he stated so eloquently last night, I am not ready to discuss a campaign that could be one year away. But thanks for asking.

As for Public Access, I am hoping that we can return to the air shortly. Sadly the station was turned off by three members of the Board. Myself and three other board members did not participate in that horrendous decision. The Board prior to my being involved chose not to pay Mr. Piazza his rent. I believe that some type of partial payments should have been made, but were not. If anyone wants to contact me directly, please do so. The fact that as outraged as the public is, we have not received any additional support or financial donations since early last year when we ventured into this crisis. I usually discuss crisis, challenge or opportunity. Here in Kingston, there is still time to someone to come to the rescue of Public Access.

It is vital to the community. Like our Community Radio, KPA is important and is the major source of local news. It is sad that we have lost this station. Hopefully, it is a temporary.

Take care and to my favorite Alderman, thanks for the publicity and a soap box to discuss these issues.
Shelly Z