Friday, November 28, 2008


Now that the election is several weeks in history, I have to ask…does this look like Hillary Clinton actually won? I am looking at the make-up of this new “cabinet of change” and I see some of the same, though brilliant, faces as if Bill never left office.
Granted Barack has to keep everyone on his page in the book of CHANGE, but I sit back and wonder what all the Obama supporters, who hated the Clinton legacy, are thinking now?

To really test their loyalty, Barack has asked Robert Gates to stay on as Defense Secretary.

Ok, so it’s temporary. I actually have no issue over it, but many of us Democratic loyalists shared office space with the Obama teams, listened to their anti-Hillary banter for months, only to see Obama’s Cabinet look like Hillary won. It does make me laugh a little as I have applauded every one of his appointments so far.

Lets see: Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson, Tim Geithner, Eric Holder and now Gates. The list goes on! I keep waiting for Al Gore, Howard Dean and Tom Daschle to be mentioned.

Here is my assessment of the orchestrated primary deal. Democratic insiders knew that if Obama was denied the nomination and it went to Hillary, about 30% of the potential electorate would drop off and we would have John McCain for president.

As the plan went, Obama gets the Nomination and the party loyalists continue their support for the Democratic nominee. Obama wins, and all of the same choices fill the cabinet as if Hillary had won anyway.

We saw the evidence across the nation. The Obama/Biden ticket received 30% more votes than the remaining Democratic lines in every precinct. Where the Republican voters, although fewer, kept the vote count steady across their line.

How is it that so many Obama supporters didn’t know or care about the rest of the ticket once they got to the voting booth? It’s very frustrating.

This is why Obama was our nominee and this is why I wouldn’t count on Obama supporters in races to come. I suspect this was a one shot deal and they just wont be there when you need em.


Anonymous said...

I think you nailed it right on the head.
Better not relax next year locally or during the Governor's race. the big numbers will slip away because many of the Obama votes wont be there and they wont come out to vote. If they didnt follow through this time, what makes you think they'll leave their Xbox on Election Day next year?

Anonymous said...

I too, see no difference between a Clinton and Obama Cabinet. So what were all these change! people screaming about?

Anonymous said...

It was a change from Bush who had control for the last 8 years....and from that - it is a drastic change.

Anonymous said...

I think we may be a little too hard on the youth and newbies who voted for the first time. Some of them werent interested in elections until now. When they realize the power they have when they vote, they may still come around in years to come. They just need to feel that their vote matters. Right now, every vote counts in the Comptroller's race.

Joe Bubel said...

700,000,000 dollars is what got the 30% out. You just can't keep that pace up. Had Hillary been on the ticket, she would have won HANDILY without spending such a gross amount. She may not have won NC, but that's about it. More for your buck.

The money will dry up, for 2 reasons. One, Obama is running towards the center. Good for us, not so good for the moveOn types. Money flow slows. Two, Obama is spending tons on his legal defense, busy blocking 10 lawsuits brought forward demanding he release records, such as his HI issued COLB and his college entrance applications.

Anonymous said...

Wow - look at UC change - Hein appoints Jail blunderer/cigar Ward Todd to economic team to meet in secret?

Talk about Good Old Boys!

Anonymous said...

Obama is actually more centrist than MoveOn would like. This makes me very happy.
Seeing the cabinet shape up like this gives me HOPE.

Yes, any Democratic cabinet is a serious CHANGE from the Bush Mismangement Team, but I saw the far left MOBs working so hard for the Obama election as if he would appoint Barbra Steisand and Michael Moore to his staff. Whew!
News flash...He wants to help this country, not continue the Bush mess.
Thank you Barack!

Anonymous said...

Has there ever been a time where the outgoing president relinquished his authority ahead of time like Bush has? As soon as we have a Presidential Summit, we get to see the President Elect Summit. The house and Senate are already acting like the oath has been taken. This guy Bush cant wait to get back to Crawford. Most of the country is ready for him to go early.