Tuesday, November 18, 2008


The buzz in the national political world is about the future US Attorney General. Obama is rumored to have picked Eric Holder, a former DC Judge, and Deputy AG under Janet Reno, he is rumored to have accepted the offer.

Holder, 57, whose appointment is subject to confirmation by the Senate, was co-chairman along with Caroline Kennedy of the vice-presidential selection process which gave us Joe Biden as VP.

I think it’s evident that we are going to see a lot of very experienced political operatives filling the positions within the Obama Cabinet and key Capital Hill leadership rolls. If we are going to get out of the economic and judicial mess that Obama will be given on Jan 20th, we need people who know Washington in these positions.

Like Obama himself, Holder gets the title of the first black man to hold the chief prosecutor position for our great country. Born and raised in the Bronx, he has made a lifelong career in the Justice Department. Both he and Pres Elect Obama graduated from Columbia University. Holder would have to leave the firm Covington and Burling before entering the new office.

Considering the bad reputation the justice Department has gotten because of the actions of Ashcroft and Gonzales, the placement of Holder, the poster-child for integrity, is necessary and over due. I am once again impressed with the placement of these incredible talents by our new leader.

You know I’m watching the Secretary of State issue develop.


Anonymous said...

I remember when Ashcroft was offered by President Bush as his pick for AG. It was to compensate for losing a Senate seat to a dead man. He turned out to be just one of the many embarrasments of the Bush Admin
Flash forward to 2009, Obama offers Mr Integrity as his choice for AG. Thats already more Change than I scan handle.

Anonymous said...

Back to Kingston, Cahill is right you haven't cut one nickle off the budget. Close a fire house now and you can save money through attrition. We cannot afford this type of service. Today november 19 at @ 3:50 i say a fire truck from down town go to the kingston hospital which is one block from central, check the records you'll see i'm right.

Mike Madsen said...

Hello 4;50...As we cut over 3% off the original budget, the increases piled up. John Tuey has worked these numbers to the bome and we have actually cut over 400K from the Mayor's offering.

So, unless youre at the meetings and understanding the process, I can only ask that you not assume we are doing nothing. Thanks for stopping in.

Anonymous said...

So far, I have to say I am very impressed with Obamas cabinet picks.
When Bill Clinton was in office, he built an incredible team in the first 3 weeks after the 92 election. Barack will do the same.

I too am waiting to see what Obama does with Hilary. I think she will continue to be a great asset and work tirelessly to implement his agenda.