Thursday, November 06, 2008


For those of us who would like the saga of Gov Spitzer and the expensive hookers to go away, this might be the non-event that helps.

It was announced Thursday that the Fed will not prosecute Mr. Spitzer on the grounds that there is no evidence that the funds to pay the hookers was pulled from campaign or public funds and thus, although unbecoming for an elected official, was not enough of hard evidence of the exchange to warrant a full prosecution.

U.S. Attorney Michael Garcia said in a statement that Spitzer admitted that he was a client of the Emperor’s Club VIP prostitution business.

Considering the enormous support and stellar success our current Governor Paterson is experiencing, we were almost completely past the Spitzer issue. It seems the economic stress on the state and the Wall Street meltdown coupled with the longest Presidential primary and general election that anyone can remember, our focus has been off Eliot for quite some time.

I don’t know what will come of the “Trooper Gate” issue that Joe Bruno is still grumbling over, but whatever the outcome, I wish Eliot’s family well.


Anonymous said...

Use of the troopers for his obsessive hunt for Joe Bruno was the only offense.
Slippin it to some high priced call girls is something his wife had to deal with.
Thing is, had he not been the Sheriff of Wall St and pissed off all the "bogus loan bundlers" he wouldnt have been roasted in the press like he was.

Eliot was on to something over a year ago before this very market took a dump. Had he been left to his investigation of the loaning institutions, we might have avoided this sub-prime disaster.

Anonymous said...

If Spitzer was onto something he would have stayed on as AG to finish the job. Cuomo does not have the b@11s to do it.

Joe Bubel said...

Well, what do you think about that, Mike?

Here is a guy, who strengthed and increased penalties on "John Laws", was applauded for work as it was protecting 'women'. Johns are scooped up in sting ops in Kingston monthly, each and every one of them go to court, and are penalized, on top of what ever embarrassment they have suffered and even job loss.

We can argue the draconian nature of the law itself. Should it be legalized or not.

But current laws are as they are. Shouldn't there be equal application of such laws? Not to mention, beyond the John Laws he broke, financial laws for covering up his transactions broken. Crossing state lines. Dealings with organized crime.

It has to make you wonder, the true underlying reasons not to bring this entire case to trial. This ring had many high profile clients, yes? Do you think these high profile types want to see this case go to trial?