Thursday, November 13, 2008


Phil Cosme has been banned from the Channel 23 studio for life. Where ever they may operate in the future.

With the list of offences that he has waged on KPA Commissioners and Program Producers over the years, it seems the Commission finally gave him enough rope.

This Thursday night meeting of KAPAC was the final blow to any of Phil’s chances of weaseling back into his coveted Wednesday evening slot. Consider the door closed.

The verbal interaction between Cosme and one of the Commissioners was enough to warrant his removal from City Hall after the police came and kindly asked him to go. No, this one time I did not have my camera…can you believe it?

I’m sure every other producer who has ever had an altercation with Phil at the studio will find this to be a wise decision by KAPAC.

To add to this amazing news, we now have a movement on the council to consider the addition of a line item expenditure of $7,400 against the Cable Franchise revenue we collect from Time Warner.

The City of Kingston has always been the dominant monster in both subscriber numbers and the level of revenue from TWC, so it’s only right that we finally step up and satisfy our ratio of the needed funds to operate the studio.

I am so impressed with the KPA Commission and hope that the obstacle that has caused so much PR damage is finally put to rest.


Anonymous said...

I do not know the whole story but it seems like we are censoring can someone be banned forever from a public thing? I as a viewer like Phil's show a lot & want it back....I think Phil is a real firecracker & brings a lot of life to the channel...I also think his presence on kpa will help increase viewership, why do you think so many people watch Jerry Springer? Because conflict creates interest & a buzz...Formasano live offends & upsets me all the time...yet I always tune in

Anonymous said...

The Public Access studio is in a basement of a commercial building. Most of the programs are on-air in the evening when the building is empty. Some producers feel genuinely threatened by Cosme when they are in this remote space and he is usually in the mood to start something.

I doubt the crew on the Springer show are worried about their well being during the taping of their show.

Mike, how did the rest of the Council react to the news?

Anonymous said...

To my knowledge, both the Woodstock and Saugerties Public Access bylaws states that even one altercation between producers or in the studio warrents a permanent ban from the property. No questions.

our own KPA Commission let this go on long enough and I wouldnt doubt that Cosme's continued anti-social behavior caused the landlord to pull the plug on 23.
Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

The action by the commission caught the Council members off guard. I saw a wash of relief in their faces as I conveyed the news.

I think you'll hear a different tune from all of us regarding funding now. The management of the studio by the commission was key to my colleagues concerns and now, having passed the test, resistance will fade.

Thanks for the question.


Joe Bubel said...

"Add to this delightful news...", Mike, don't you think, as a social progressive as yourself, no one should take delight in another man's fall? Do you laugh when people trip?

UCP said...

Oh that's nice. I just found out that I'm a blogger with bad spelling!

joe frank said...

To: 7:56am

The difference between Cosme and Springer is that Springer does not abuse [mentally or physically] people. Cosme abuses and assaults people.

Kingston and the viewing audience of the Time Warner system deserves better.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

as a tax payer in the town of ulster ..i want my $5k back. what a waste. nothing is free today. producers should pay a fee to join kpa